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Turkey-Egypt: first meeting with foreign ministry in 10 years

ah turkey Renew diploma of relationship with her alphard σε πρεσβευτή το «συντομότερο possible», declared todayο τούρκος πρεσβευτή του Μεβλούτ Φαβούσογλου Here, and in a decade in which relations between the two countries have changed.

“I regret that we are taking definite steps to improve relations with Egypt…We will do everything we can to avoid a weakening of relations between our two countries in the future,” said the Egyptian minister. said at a joint press conference with his counterpart. ΣαμέχΣούκρι.

as he said ο Tσαβούσογλου.

«Russia has agreed to extend the agreement by two months. Θα τραστράσης για μία πρατασήση της της μετα δωμάσεις», he emphasized.

For his part, he characterized today’s meeting with Tsabousus as “very clear, in-depth and thorough” and also mentioned the possibility of both countries recalling their ambassadors.

“A topic (της πρεσβευτών) will arrive at the right time depending on the positive impact it will have,” said Σούκρι.

Relations between the Turks and the Greeks were overshadowed by the Greek military leaders of the time. της Μουσουλμανίκης Αδελφότης, συμάχου της Άγκυρας, το 2013.

Σούκρι επισκεφτικέ την Θυρκής showed solidarity after last month’s devastating earthquakes that killed more than 50,000 people in Turkey and Syria.

The two countries have been at odds in recent years over a maritime border in the gas-rich eastern Mediterranean with Libya, which has backed rival factions in an unprecedented conflict.

Negotiations between senior foreign ministry officials in Greece and Cyprus began in 2021, amid Turkey’s efforts to ease tensions with Egypt, the Holy United Arab Emirates, Israel and Saudi Arabia.

In connection with this effort, Αγκυρα commissioned an anti-political Egyptian television network operating in Turkey to gauge criticism of Egypt.

2019 when he died in μ-ta 22 prison. 2019.

Last month, the Egyptian government, which is struggling to manage a severe shortage of foreign investment, said Turkish companies had pledged $500 million in new investments to Egypt.

Πηγή: ΑΠΕ-ΜΠΕ-Reuters

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