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Trump’s return to Facebook and YouTube

former president of america donald trump He made his first posts on Facebook and YouTube yesterday, the social media he used to build his influence before being banned for an attack that killed a supporter in the Capitol on January 6, 2021. I indicated that I was back on the platform.

Posts on his Facebook page and YouTube channel titled «Epêstrepsa» are accompanied by videos that begin with CNN’s announcement that Trump was elected President of the United States in 2016 and end with the message «Tramπ 2024. ».

Yesterday, Alphabet Inc’s YouTube platform relaunched its American channel. This is what Meta Platforms did with Trump’s Facebook and Instagram accounts earlier this year.

Donald Trump’s Twitter account was restored in November by the platform’s new owner, Ίλον Μασκ, but the former US president has not posted anything to date.

Trump’s return to the popular social justice platform has helped him once again gain nearly 146 million followers in view of the 2024 US primaries.

Trump and his family didn’t reveal the gifts they received during his campaign

During that time, the Donald Trump family failed to declare more than 100 gifts, each of which had to be declared because their value exceeded the prescribed limit, but the combined value of these gifts was $250,000. . Yesterday, Paraskevi, Δημοκρατικοί πολευτές.

Many of these gifts came from foreigners and were detailed in the report of the Assembly Oversight Committee of the House of Representatives. Among them are a book by Chinese President Shi Jinping and a gold coin presented to President Trump by the then Japanese Prime Minister.

In the 15th edition of the report, the Qatari leader Tami μ μπιν Χα μπιν Χα μάάάν Χα μπιν Χα μπιν Χα μπιν Χα μπιν ΟΥζμπειν Χα μπιν provided him.

Nor was a life-size portrait of President Trump found by the commission, according to the commission’s report. Some gifts, including portraits, are known to have never been found, they say.

«Commission Democrats are devoted to finding out where these missing expensive gifts were finally found», declares ΟζέιμιΡάσκιν, Democrat of Merrillan and head of this Congressional inquiry And Democrats also said “these gifts can be used to influence the president’s foreign policy».

Ράσκιν also said the commission’s findings reveal “the Trump White House’s downplay of threats to the rule of law and systematic mishandling by foreign governments on the part of large governments.” μη προστέρεια των των την οτερικές αντιβαίνει στο νόμο, υπογράμμισε.

Donald Trump’s environment did not respond to a request for comment on the report.

This long list also includes gifts for members of the Trump family, including Melania Trump, Zarent Kouzner, and Ivanka Trump.

Ο Κούσνερ had received a σπαθί από τον πρίγκιπα διάδοχο της Σουδικής Αραβίας Μοχάμεντ μπιν Σαλμάν and η Ιβάνκα Πραπέ a λότρινο άρκούδο worth 1,200 δολαρίων from the καγγελάριο της Σεμπάστιαν Κουρτς, as well as a portrait of her typomomeno in φίλντισι, which he had presented to her 2017 年に ο παλαιστίνιος πρόσεις Μαχμουντ Αμπας. Ο συσάγος της Ιβάνκα Τραμπ, ο Τζάρεντ Κύσνερ, ελαι ο Αρχιτέκτονας της στεργατικής του Νόναλντ Οάρμπάο Μεα ΜεαΜεα.

In addition to the report, House committees seek other records.

Using information from DPA, REUTERS, AFP, ΑΠΕ-ΜΠΕ

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