Triple H reveals ‘valuable lesson’ he learned from Dusty Rhodes

Paul “Triple H” Levesque remembered a lesson how Dusty Rhodes taught him. Rhodes worked behind the scenes as his director of creatives for the ‘NXT’ brand until his death on June 11, 2015. Levesque never forgot how important “The American Dream” was to the decision-making process.

now, WWE Chief Content OfficerLevesque has the platform to fully unleash his creative vision, but sometimes things don’t go as planned. reminds me of

“When you’re just starting out, success is memorable, but failure is even more memorable,” Levesque said. ringer“There’s going to be something in your head, and in your head, it’s going to be great. And then when you see it become real, you’re like, ‘That was terrible,’ You beat yourself up, and Dusty always passed by. Me and him tapped me on the shoulder. He said, “Kid, remember what I said, when you If you can get 70 percent of what you see in your head to come out on TV, that’s a grand slam.

Levesque believes it speaks to Rhodes’ legacy that his work continues to inspire those in the wrestling industry today.

“It was tragic when we lost him, because he contributed so much to the business. His ideas, concepts, business ideas are still flying around today,” Levesque said. “Very few people in this industry have it, so it should tell you something. [influence].”

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