Toyota offers to buy back recalled bZ4X electric SUV

Toyota proposes share buyback bZ4X Electric SUV later crossover vehicle recall in June, As first reported by electricLess than two months after the release of the bZ4X, Toyota issued a recall for a steering wheel hub bolt that was loose and could come off while driving.

Toyota initially advised bZ4X owners not to drive their vehicles and offered to notify their local Toyota dealer so they could pick up and store their vehicles while they waited for repairs. In return, the company provides customers with free loaner cars.

However, the letter to the customer obtained electric confirmed by The Barge Toyota has revealed that it is also offering some additional giveaways in exchange for inconvenience, including a $5,000 credit, extended warranty and free charging at EVgo-owned charging stations until the end of 2024. (the customer then removed the car). However, if the owner isn’t happy with those options, Toyota says he will buy back the vehicle for $42,000 or more.

“We know our customers have many choices when it comes to purchasing a vehicle. We appreciate their loyalty and support them through this recall,” Toyota said. The Barge“However, if the customer does not wish to proceed with the options offered, we propose to repurchase the bZ4X.”

Neither the letter nor the statement provided any additional context as to when the issue will be fixed. The recall affects about 2,700 vehicles, but it’s unclear how many of these were actually delivered.of Subaru Solterra adopting the same platformare also affected by recalls.

The bZ4X is Toyota’s first attempt at an all-electric vehicle, and it’s off to a bit of a bumpy start. Hopefully Toyota will work out the remaining issues before delivering more vehicles and ramping up production to hit their targets. $17 billion goal to release 30 new EVs by 2030.

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