Top Tech News Wednesday: Microsoft Outage

A large part of Microsoft’s strategy has been how it bundles the services it offers to enterprises.Great if everything is working but not if you get an outage like that Saw it in Outlook and Teams todayIf you can’t email your co-workers and you can’t instant message them, what are you left with? Whats up? The suspension ended his tough week for Microsoft. dismissal When decrease in sales.

And finally, Tesla says it’s investing in Billions of dollars in business in Nevada This is said to help expand production of battery cells and semi-trucks. His new $3.6 billion investment round adds to his $6.2 billion that Tesla has already invested in the Gigafactory in Nevada.

Well, here’s a silly tweet to start your day:

This list will continue to be updated with today’s most important news, Wednesday 25th January 2023.

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