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Top EU companies have more than 32% women on their boards, and Finland ranks high in leadership diversity

More than 32% owned by women According to a recent report by the Finnish Chamber of Commerce, the position of the board of directors of the largest and most traded company in the EU member state. The proportion of women on boards is growing rapidly, with more than 30% of board members being women in more than half of member countries. However, the growth rate of women in management positions has not been as fast and it is still rare for a woman to serve as her CEO or chair of the board.

Finland, along with other Nordic countries, is one of the top countries in the EU for women’s representation on boards and management. Iceland, Norway and France are the countries with the highest percentage of women on boards and senior management teams, followed by Sweden and Finland, according to the report. While it has risen to the top of the list, it also emphasizes that in many other countries quota legislation has not necessarily led to an increase in the proportion of women in management positions.

According to the report, women’s share of CEOs and board chairs is still very low.In Finland, for example, only 1 in 10 listed companies has a female board chair. Finland’s board chairs are still predominantly men, although women have a relatively high share of board positions in Finland. Only 9% of her CEO positions in Finnish listed companies are held by women, according to the report. Overall, this report highlights the need for continued efforts to promote gender equality in the corporate world. Quota laws alone are not sufficient to achieve this goal.


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