Tony Kahn teases his own sleeve for the AEW Grand Slam

If you feel like Tony Kahn is everywhere these past few days Tonight’s AEW Grand Slam promotion event at Arthur Ashe Stadium, it’s because he’s been going. Coronation of the new AEW World Champion Between Jon Moxley and Brian Danielson, Khan hints that more may be in store.

in his traditional weekly appearance busted open radio Late Wednesday morning, Khan talked about how big a Grand Slam is now, and teased a little extra.

“The last few weeks have been really on fire, so it’s the perfect time for AEW,” Khan said. “This is the hottest rating the company has earned in 11.5 months. It’s actually pretty cool.Last week had the biggest number of viewers and viewers in 51 weeks since last year’s Grand Slam.”

“So it’s a great opportunity to come back here,” he added. “This is of great value to the fans, plus the fact that they may be preparing tricks for a Grand Slam, plus what’s on the card. You may have something.”

If you use any of the quotes from this article, please credit Busted Open Radio and give a/t to Wrestling Inc. for transcription.

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