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Togo: Government wants to help increase number of local tech startups

The Togo government recently adopted a bill to boost digital and technological innovation. The bill was passed at his January 11 cabinet meeting.

“Tech” labeling mechanism

The bill aims to promote Togo’s innovation ecosystem by creating a labeling mechanism for start-ups and companies in the technology industry. The labeling will be based on consolidated and objective criteria, according to the agency. “Creative power, innovative power, high value-added creative power, and growth power”

Once parliament approves it, the law will help create a favorable environment for “modernizing Togo’s economy”. It does so primarily by supporting digital projects in both the public and private sectors. “For the benefit of people and businesses”

Tax and Customs Incentives

The bill should also allow the establishment of tax and tariff incentive schemes to encourage the development and adoption of digital technologies.there will be again “A favorable measure for the emergence of Togo’s tech start-ups”

There are few large-scale tech startups in Togo, but there are still some in Togo, such as SEMOA, a fintech that offers mobile banking and digital ticketing services in Togo and abroad, and DizzitUp, a recent finalist of the Ecobank Fintech Challenge. There are a certain number of tech startups.

i Renault Dosavi

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