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Time η Toxic θετική τετικέτης εισόλειστε στη ζωή μας

«If “everything will be fine”, it is better to say “it is hard to pass.

In one of the most powerful moments of ΗΒΟ’s series «Euphoria», η Kat has a post-apocalyptic mood and does what anyone in her position would do. She lies on her bed with a large amount of potatoes and looks at λάπτοπ. Ξαφνικά, φανταζεται A series of influencers with perfect skin, hair and analogies appear in her room and speak rhythmically “love yourself”.

Phrases like this constitute a cycle that repeats in all species γκουρού ευεξίας, γιογκι, life coach and authorAt the same time, social media has been superseded by many other ‘specialists’. Celebrities and influencers preach that “everything will be fine” if of course you like it (at best) or if you buy the product.

When η τοξικική θετικήτηση εισόλεις στη ζωή μας-1

There are many ways to “make everything better” and reach someone’s “perfect self”, but they usually come at a cost: breakfast with milk and grains, detox with nutritional supplements, energy crystals, company yoni. Egg Γουίνεθ Πάλτρου, soul cycle (κάτι σαν το spinning, άχε με τον το την της της να σε εμψυχωνει).

Positive statements that become toxic

But apart from the health industry (that is, it must be maintained by a continuous cycle of perfection), there is also a simpler, routine way of saying “everything will be fine.” invade our livesIt can take the form of advice one of us gives you in our Instagram Q&A: For example, we saw it during lockdown when we visited the world «Being Positive» in their perfect home.

Even my friends often sayThere are even worse » I just want to cry when I’m in trouble. In a more extreme example, even after a loss or tragedy, you can read a self-help book or have someone say so. «For some reason everything is done»don’t stop thinking positive.

When η τοξικική θετικήτηση εισόλεις στη ζωή μας-2

Κάπως στην, φτάνουμε στην Toxic positive«If you can share your true feelings and find support without conditions, people will understand it τα συναισθήματα τους is rejected, ignored or canceled απροκάλυπτα», επισημαίνειστην «Κ»οκ. ΕμμανουήλΚαργάκηςClinical Psychologist, Director of Counseling and Psychotherapy Internus Center.

The Power of Self-Improvement and Simple Solutions

«The person does not have the space and right to express their feelings»

〇κ. Καργάκης επισημαίνει το καλοπροαίρετες, θετικές, αισιόδοξες Advice – Advice such as «μη σκέφτεσαις» or «αγάπα ο​τ​ν σου σου και αν είσαι» that guides the process based on essential issues, such as those .

However, Επηρεσμένος, απο τον και της βομβαρδισμό προφορικός θετικότητας – In particular από τα διέσεις δικτύωσης – ο κόσμος makes two mistakes. «κυνηγιούαυτοβελτιος»whether you are looking for Easy, quick (and easy) solution γιαβγειαπόμιαστασικήστασία.

For the first of the two mistakes, ο κ. Καργάκης τονίζει: «Η ευεξία και η η αυτοβελτίουσεων είναι οινοι δύο χρόμοι που είνει ενείδαση για την πουνσικά του τώχ. Οταν η επίτευξή τους περισσότερα κννήγι; pressure and stress to the atom».

And he continues: “People affected by social media can be affected Pursue addictive things that don’t bring people happiness but anxiousbecause they are out of their own interests and preferences».

In the second case, the search for quick solutions to achieve their respective “theoretical” goals (love for oneself, relief from hard times) often has the opposite effect. “atom he has no space At the same time, you can feel it. ντροπη, θνμό or apógo ήτευση He doesn’t know how to handle his problems so he doesn’t care.

toxic toxicity results

Εν τέλει, ο βομβαρδισμός προφορικής θετικότες και harm for the person’s mental health. The attachment and obsession with the always positive mind has the following consequences:

  1. Προκαλείντροπεκαιενοχή: Η Toxic positivity tells people that even in the face of tragedy, if they can’t find a way to feel positive, their feelings are «άθος​​» and need to change.
  2. works as prevention feelingbecause we are trained not to accept negativity and to cancel them.
  3. It stunts personal growth: Avoiding negative emotions can enhance your ability to deal with difficult emotions, ultimately leading to growth and greater understanding.
When η τοξικική θετικήτηση εισόλεις στη ζωή μας-3

Δυνητικά περισσότερα είναι και το είναι και το εργασίανος να απόφειγει τα νεγιτική ειμένος, ο κόσμος могутс να αποθραρυνθεί από το να το να και και περισσόσεις, prefer to rely on the advice διάφορων μη επισκόπηση. I wanted Ósóκαλοπροαίρετοι, καιανείναιοιοτριος

“I’m really excited. σευδοεπιστήμη more and more people without knowledge or monopoly Provide mental health services. This can have a serious impact on the lives of those who seek assistance from someone in this role without corresponding training,” said the director of the Internus Center.

how to deal with toxic positives

Finally, οκ. gives Εμμανουήλ Καργάκης 3+1 Quick Tips For those affected by Toxic Positive:

  1. Recognizing Negative Emotions as Of course As an important part of the human experience.
  2. don’t avoid τα ελληνικά σας, άχε είναι και ονοματίστε τα.
  3. search support και παραστε για ολα τα συναισθήματα σας (ναι, και τα τα ναγτική) με έμπιστα, μη επικριτικά Ατομές, Friends, family, mental health professionals, and more.

But mainly for those who seek to help those who have experienced some difficulty, he must say:What I’m going through is difficult, I’m here for everything you need“».

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