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Three years of the pandemic and three messages

The day we live will complete the three-year pandemic declaration by the World Health Organization. Ενα άγνωστο στέλεχος κορωνοιούhitherto unimmunized, led humanity to one of the most dramatic effects of loss of life from chronic disease in modern history. We are reducing our losses, because science never fails to overstate us.We learn three basic lessons.

First, confidence in the amazing advances in biomedical science, along with professional experience, expert approach and academia have played the most important role in our success against coronavirus. At the global level, pharmaceutical companies, universities and other academic departments, non-profit research institutes and institutions have effectively collaborated, leveraging international funding, government budgets and private investment funds. Research and production of embóliôn were done to reduce the risk of serious illness. Σύσσωμη The scientific community has dedicated itself by providing valuable services to hospitals, laboratories and clinics so that necessary diagnostic and therapeutic protocols can be developed and research can be conducted to decipher the functions of pathogenic viruses. have surpassed. the patient.

Δεύτερον, η επιτυχής της πανδεμικής ανοδικές τη της Δημόσιας Υγείας. In our country, public health authorities at the primary, secondary and tertiary levels, especially university clinics and laboratories, and especially the medical staff, have exercised extreme caution during the pandemic despite chronic stagnation and hypocrisy. It was paid and operated. At the same time, the scientific community participated in decision-making on the day-to-day management of the pandemic, working closely with countries. Immediate diagnostic and therapeutic interventions, along with additional needs such as a suite of psychological support and long-term (pulmonary) treatment for Covid. Among other things, Δημόσιας improved health will lead to reduced inequalities in access to healthcare systems.

Finally, η reaction διεθνώς ελληνική, με οποδεία και πυγμή, ως προς τον κοινός “πανδημικό” αντιπαλο. It would have been slower and had more casualties. internationally. As far as international scientific cooperation is concerned, the reason for this is that scientific journals publish open access and facilitate the exchange of scientific knowledge, but the corresponding problem is not the same as cancer. fixed the isolation caused by the immense contagiousness of the pandemic and the difficulty of moving through telemedicine, remote evacuation and remote connectivity.

Η αποτύπωση στα και λιγότερα θανόντων και νοσούντων στα δωμέρεια και επιστήσεις σταιστικός, είναι ενταρούντική. 同時に、世界中で胸膜免疫の増加率が高まっているため、私たちが知っているように、パンデミックの終わりに向かっています。 It is maintained to protect the health of vulnerable groups as recorded during the three years of the pandemic. See here for details. Awareness of various factors, the efficiency of surveillance systems, the possibility of direct communication at the international level to make timely decisions, and the efficiency of corresponding equipment and media are relative priorities.

A pandemic that has dramatically affected us all teaches us. Scientific and technocratic knowledge and experience, cooperation towards common and collective goals, dedication and diligence, once again demonstrate that when there is a shared vision of service to society, valuable results can be achieved. increase.

* Ηκ. θεοδώραψαλτοπούλουείναιπαθολόγος, καθηγετριαεπιδημιολογίακαιπρολεπτικήςιταικής,姧§§§§§ It would be nice if the evaluation date was good.

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