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The New Day has basically done everything there is to do in WWE. Kofi Kingston and Big E’s WWE Championship victory Xavier Woods’ King of the Ring victory, and, of course, in twelve separate reigns as Tag Team Champions, they’ve proven themselves in the industry time and time again. The longer the day, the more tales of wrestlers going outside after a show to bond over a cold drink, especially if they’re veterans. A new day usually makes things go differently. According to Kingston, it’s frowned upon at times.

“We’re never big drinkers. We’re more gamers,” said Kingston “Cheap Heat with Peter Rosenberg” As for post-show traditions, he and Woods make sure to leave “WWE SmackDown” a little early and visit the area’s “barcades” if they can play Street Fighter into the evening rather than swallowing it up. increase.

Then, after laughingly pointing out Rosenberg’s disappointed reaction, Kingston said it wasn’t just him. Doesn’t anyone go out? Doesn’t anyone go to the bar?’

Please credit “Cheap Heat” with ah/t to Wrestling Inc. when using quotes from this article. for transcription.

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