‘This guy told me to bring Thanos’ ‘In Cold Blood’ – Baseball Twitter reacts to wishes Randy Arrozarena beat Cuba, not USA, in WBC Finals

Randy Arrozarena is totally on fire in this World Baseball Classic. He advanced the Mexican team to the finals within one game. Now he’s taking a bold look at who he wants to meet on the other side.

Cuba will face off on the other side of the bracket against the United States, a team Mexico has already won. The winner will face either Cuba or Japan, so Arrozarena is certainly ahead of the curve either way.

The Mexican star said he wanted Mexico to eliminate the Cuban team, so his preferred matchup is Mexico vs. Cuba. America and Japan have their own ideas, but Arozalena wants it.

Randy Arrozarena said he is rooting for Cuba in tonight’s match against the United States.

WBC fans around the world reacted to Arrozarena calling a shot of him and Mexico.

@Alden Gonzalez This guy told me to bring Thanos, and I can’t fault him one bit.

@Alden Gonzalez Considering they still have to play in Japan, they have a lot of confidence.

Many fans admire Arrozarena’s confidence. He’s played enough to justify it, so if you want to call Cuba or America, you can.

On the other hand, many fans are shocked by his arrogance. In the Mexican fashion, Juggernaut’s Japanese team is led by Shohei Ohtani.Getting over them is no easy task white blood cells.

Plus, the US are the defending champions, so they won’t go to Cuba without a fight.

On paper, the US has the best roster of the four. However, given the chance, Landia Rozarena wouldn’t mind if she defeated her defending champion twice in the same tournament.

Arrozarena must not have forgotten Will Smith ignoring greetings even in the first match.

Meanwhile, the US probably wants revenge for Arrozarena and Mexico’s 11-5 beatdowns in pool play.

Randy Arrozarena’s play confirms his story

Randy Arrozarena may have a lot to say at this World Baseball Classic, but he definitely gets it. Might be the best player in this tournament. At least he plays like that.

Randy Arrozarena plays great
Randy Arrozarena plays great

He’s batting a ridiculous .471 in just 17 at-bats, with five doubles, one home run and nine RBIs.he is a leg extraordinary.

He was also a magician on defense, saving Mexico’s runs and games left and right.

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