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Thessaloniki: Σύλληση 25χρονου για αποπειρα βιασμόν 19χρονης

In the arrest of a 25-year-old woman being treated in a hospital Thessaloniki.

Notably, a 19-year-old girl, a Greek woman, was arrested on the same day yesterday afternoon by Tumpa-Trianrias security department police, as stated in a related police statement. Túmpa, her arrester approach and use of physical βίαςεπιχείρησενατηβασεικαινανατοσακίδιοτης.

Ο 25χρονος, αλλοδαπος υπήκοος, was arrested by Leυκού Πύργου security department police. This is because it was discovered that he had previously committed a crime and committed acts that revealed his 22-year-old age. Center of Thessaloniki.

In addition, κατά τη συλληψή του διαπιστοίηση το της της πεύδή ελληνική της της.

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