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These are what you need for the holidays

The variety of foods, drinks and foods are not the same as any other in Athens. Ενολίγοις, τοςοικάβεςδενείναιείναι, νίτηπερισσότηςτιςισιναςσεινήσεις. The holiday season isn’t over yet, but so is demand for head-turning purchases as gifts or holiday table essentials. So it’s not a simple purchase. And if we don’t have special sacred knowledge, that’s why we’re even more cautious and leave it in the hands of professionals. I will introduce some of the kava.


In the name of Paul Auster’s classic myth, Mr. Vertigo in Kolonakiu Square in 2014. Η προστασία των κρασιών του προτουργού Ευριβιάδη Σκλάβου from την Κεφαλονιά στα ραφια του έδινε το στίγμα. Here we find κρασιά from Ελλάδα και το το και και το και της έλλαδα και το έκδοσιν, which concern ήπιες οινοφήσεις και λιγοτες περιπάσεις, terroir driven κρασιά, as it is ο το τα τα εἰλικάς. From the vertigo ledge, the road has opened for national and international recognition of many natural producers. For example, ιαννηςοικονόμουτη Sphere σητεία Sphere, στηγουμένισσα, τηςAmac★¥¥¥ναcha and Πέθυναand many other people are eating the same dishes that we eat at restaurants and wine bars today. τητρaryνσαςκαιτην§τarλιακαιταπεντωδωωωωωωωωωωωωPay and ask them to suggest not only the numerous red wines from all over Greece, but also the large white wines available this season with the right food.

It’s worth trying the fine champagnes of Benoît Laet, a talented producer-caller from the Grand Cru village of Bouzy, but also Marcel Deis of Bergheim, located in the heart of Alsace’s recently arrived Ribeauvillé region. Worth a try. His ΟDeiss, one of the most important biodynamic producers in the region, is a specialist in the field his blends. For the ideal wine, invest here by buying his Zalto company most elegant glasses imported by them. Μεγάλι γαμα θα περισσότες σε spirit, στηλημένα ουίσκι και τζιν, ξένα και ελληνικά. There is also a small library containing selected editions, a transportable work, τα κρασιά τους. N.Δ

Κολωνάκι: Φιλικής Εταιρείας 15, T/210-72.50.862,


The historic Amarone della Valpolicella leads to the restoration of Valpolicella by Allegrini, creating a floating countryside, while Castello di Ama’s Chianti Classico San Lorenzo, for those who prefer wine, Chablis Louis Michel & Fiss Buteau Viel Vigne πλάι σ’ εἰνο πλατό τυριών… Στη Modern, στιλάτη κάβα Οak, παράνα οραίες ίδεις για γιορτινά ταιράντ. In Charandri’s shop, which started in 2013, in the Νέα Ερυθραίας and της Βουλιαγμένης shops, you can find options that give the everyday table another note – small holidays are just as necessary as big ones – especially rare ones. . In addition to a wide range of colors from Greek and overseas estates, some with private entrances, an extensive collection of pots, various home accessories and perfumes stored in special maintenance rooms awaits you. . their shelf. Eísíkí μνεία also deserves the part of the delicatessen, with special products, Greek and ξένα: from τα εκλεκτά τυριά και άλλαντικά σε σάλτσες, τρούφας products, φουα γκρά, πατέ and καπνιστά καλούδια καλήστε καλούδια τα αφράτα artisanal panetόνε, the collection is great and interesting Ψώνια, το για, τα καὶ και και με το παράκτηση.

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