The Undertaker’s Next 1 Deadman Show Announced

The Undertaker is heading into Survivor Series weekend to perform his “1 Dead Man” show on Big Night Live in Boston, Massachusetts. This is set to be the next in a series of live events that his retired WWE star has been doing. Philadelphia performance sold out tonight.

of The First ‘1 Dead Man’ Show Held in Nashville over the weekend of SummerSlam, The Undertaker (real name Mark Calloway) gave a talk about his time in the wrestling industry, followed by a fan Q&A session. It lasted hours. So far, WWE appears to be scheduling “1 Dead Man” shows around premium live events, hoping to attract fans already in the area for the next day’s show.

Earlier this year, it was reported that Callaway plans to release a podcast soon In collaboration with WWE and Peacock. But since then, the radio has been silent on the matter. It remains to be seen if there’s been a change in plans and these Spoken His Word events will serve as a replacement for podcasts, or if the idea is still in the company’s pipeline.

Callaway wrestled his last match as The Undertaker wrestlemania 36 2020. In a cinematic match known as The Boneyard His Match, The Undertaker defeated his AJ Styles in memorable fashion, ending his career on a positive note in most fans’ eyes.Earlier this year, Callaway WWE Hall of Fame Inducteewith Vince McMahon still retired Give a speech in honor of a renowned performer.

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