The Tribe Has Spoken: CBS’ “Survivor” Comes Back to Victory in Wednesday’s Ratings Demo

CBS reality competition series ‘Survivor’ returned with its 43rd season, earning the highest demo scores of the night on all major broadcast networks. 79 in the two-hour season premiere in the advertiser-preferred 18-49 age range. , according to Nielsen data.

On NBC, equally popular “Chicago: Fire” may have fallen short of the demo’s score, but it won the overall viewership, drawing 6.7 million viewers in its 9:00 pm slot that night. got an audience. Season 11 premiere.

In fact, all of the Dick Wolf-produced “One Chicago” shows had ratings on Wednesday. “Med,” which started at 8 p.m., saw him second in viewership with 6.5 million and .70 in the demo, with Yayada Costa, the show’s Season 1 alum, returning for a guest appearance as Dr. I was. April Sexton.

“Fire” had the third highest demo score (0.69), while “PD”, the toughest of the “Chicago” shows, scored 0.67 and was watched by 5.4 million viewers at 10pm.

“Survivor” finished fourth in terms of viewership (around 5 million), reaching the highest demo score of the night above.

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From there, things spread further. Fox’s “The Masked Singer” won her fifth slot in the demo at 0.63, making it her sixth in overall viewership with 3.7 million viewers. gentleman When gentleman).

ABC’s Emmy Darling “Abbott Elementary” won an Emmy for writing by creator and star Quinta Branson and won an Emmy for Best Supporting Actress. Sheryl Lee Ralphwith a rating of 0.57, was sixth in the demo, but eighth in terms of viewership, reaching 2.9 million viewers.

“The Connors,” which kicked off ABC’s Comedy Night premiere at 8:00 p.m., was watched by 3.73 million viewers and ranked fifth with a demo score of 0.53 (seventh highest of the night).

‘The Amazing Race’ revival on CBS launches for the first time at an international venue (Munich, Germany), placing 7th overall with 3.02 million viewers and 8th with 0.46 at 10pm demo was.

At ABC’s “The Goldbergs” season 10 premiere, the show finally announced the death of patriarch Murray, and was 9th in demos with 0.44 and 2.5 million viewers.

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ABC’s “Home Economics” premiered with a demo score of 0.38, the 10th highest of the night and 11th with 2.1 million viewers.

Fox’s “Lego Masters” came in 11th on the popular 18-49 demo with 0.36, followed by “Big Sky,” which airs at 10 p.m., with 0.26. ABC’s ‘Big Sky’ was 10th in terms of viewership, The Lego Building Show was 12th with 2.26 million viewers each and he had 1.468 million viewers.

A new episode of The CW’s “DC’s Stargirl” scored 0.06 in the demo and was seen by around 387,000 viewers.

The overall night average gives NBC a slight edge with a demo of 0.69 vs. CBS’s 0.68 — the overall night score averaged 6.3 million to CBS’s 4.6 million viewers . Fox’s demos averaged 500,000 and 2.6 million viewers, while ABC averaged 410,000 and 2.6 million viewers. CW earned an average score of 0.06 and 355,000. Fox does not program 10pm.

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