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The Netherlands gave Ukraine more than 800 million euros in military aid

Dutch Defense Minister Kaisa Örongren said in parliament on Thursday that the Netherlands has provided 800 million neurons as military aid to Ukraine so far, amid a debate over next year’s “historic” budget. The defense budget has structurally increased by billions of euros.

According to Ollongren, the Netherlands will continue to support Ukraine. And the aid is working as Ukrainian forces are retaking land from the Russians, she said. The Dutch supplied the country with anti-aircraft militia, armored howitzers, ammunition and radar equipment.

The amount mentioned also includes €100 million from a new international fund to finance Ukraine’s military purchases.

In a letter to parliament earlier this week, O’Longren said the Netherlands would €322 million in material support However, the amount mentioned in Congress includes the replacement cost. As supply from Defense’s own stock is nearing its end, more are buying direct from the industry.

In a letter dated November 16, Ollongren said the replacement value of the material assistance on August 9 amounted to 526 million euros. More recent figures still had to be calculated.

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