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the market is in turmoil

Recent severe shocks to the international banking system confirm that efforts to limit inflation expectations from central banks are costly and time consuming. It is possible that incomes and employment are not as constrained as predicted and that the economy is now showing considerable resilience, but the so-called “resilience” of the economy and businesses alone is not the collateral damage, but the necessary short-term damage. To avoid πληθωρισμός.

Η νομισματική πολική is obligated beyond πληθωρισμός to protect the financial stability of the system. In the US, the interest rate hike by the Federal Reserve could have been very abrupt (if it failed to correctly diagnose the problem) and contributed to the solvency crisis of non-systemic banks SVB and FS. may have, but the problem is that due to the relaxation of supervision, “επιτραπεί” leads not only to extremely low variances for loans, but also for uninsured investment portfolios. However, excluding assets on the balance sheet, it is the same as debt on the account list at 74 billion. δολ. σε компания startup, executive, κ.τ.λ. Οτανοι επισμένοι decides to draw an account. Solvency and liquidity issues reinforce each other in situations where perhaps the most important asset, credibility, is lost.

This banking system, although not a system, has some international reach, from Asia to Europe. But the loss of «εμπιστοσύνης» is θορυβεί τον σφαλο κόσμος compared to η απότομη την της καινητοπήσεις για is a further problem. Ορθολογικό, οι πιο αδύναμοι κρίκοι να υποφέρουν. H Credit Suisse はここで κακοδιοίκηση と約 15 年間、με προστιμα δισεκατομμυρίων για ξέπλυμα μαιου χρήματος、φοροδιαφυγή、κ.ά に直面しています。 Despite capital losses and a relatively good liquidity situation, the new government faces negative consequences. Intervention of the Swiss Central Bank with 50 billion open credit lines. Comparison with

In this context, the ECB has decided to maintain its guidance of raising interest rates by 50 basis points to 3%, but without further guidance in the future and all measures to support the banking system ( LTRO). We can say that such a move was market-driven, but no one is sure about the effect of further monetary policy. Σαφώς πλησιαλέσεις στα οριας της πύλησης ασταση.

* Οκ. πεφορεος Ενομένικής Αναλύσης στο Πειραιώς University compared to Θεόδωρος Πελαγίδης είναι.

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