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The Importance of Impact Investing Diario Financiello

Director Senora:

The Chilean impact investing ecosystem has huge potential and has grown significantly over the past decade, with a significant increase in contracts, funding, investors and impact creators. With the embargo on the way forward, Chile still faces challenges to ensure the effectiveness of its investments.

Hoy en el mundo se mueven más de US$ 1,164 billiones en inversion de impacto en activos según datos de The Global Impact Investing Network. And Chile, alcanza unos US$ 390 million a year.

Serving a world facing unprecedented challenges such as climate change, health crises, poverty and inequality. We need to step up our investment in impact as a powerful and innovative tool for

Citing Adam Smith and his invisible hand metaphor that sees the market economy as a tool by which social welfare can be reached, we need to go one step further from Smith and pass from the invisible hand to the invisible mind. repensarnos en el planeta.

M. Christina Leon F.

Directora Ejecutiva CEDIS ESE Business School, Universidad de los Andes

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