The Holy Trinity of Thanksgiving Movies: ‘Planes, Trains and Automobiles’, ‘Adams Family Values’, ‘Home for the Holidays’

Thanksgiving It was not a holiday that I celebrated so happily with my family. As with any Western holiday, my parents, immigrants from Taiwan, were completely unfamiliar with their atmosphere, so most of our festivities were for the benefit of the children, and increasingly half-hearted. Most of the time, I see it as a rare holiday for self-employed parents and a weekend with no friends, sitting in my room watching the parade or i love lucy TV marathon. However, we went to a Star Trek movie during the Thanksgiving break.Numbers 6-10 were released during this festive period after achieving success Star Trek IV: Voyage HomeAs Thanksgiving traditions go, it wasn’t the worst.

I made it a ritual to watch without permission planes, trains, cars From my growing collection of bootleg VHS tapes, Addams Family Values and Jodie Foster holiday house After dinner, after soccer, after a nap for the marathon. They became my portal to the holidays, a payload of some emotion, no doubt but cynicism, self-criticism, and me on issues of political division, class inequality, and whitewashing of historical atrocities. These films were not only traditionally entertaining, but in many ways counter to our culturally mandated feel-good manifesto destiny self-myths. It represents the opposite platform.

Begin with John Hughes’ masterpiece of Solitude, Prejudice, Tolerance, and Grace. planes, trains, carsIn Steve Martin and John Candy’s long-awaited collaboration, when Martin’s vice president, Neil, misses his flight home on vacation, he bribes another commuter so that a taxi is kicked out from under him. It starts with saying that By Shower Curtain Ring Salesman Dell (Candy). It’s the first in a series of lessons in which Neil learns that money is relatively useless to get him back to where he wants to go, in contrast to the essentially penniless Dell, who has all of his people. It utilizes empathy and poor man’s wit to ease its way through the world.. The film is a contrast between Neil’s and Dell’s approaches to problems, embracing gratitude and being in the moment in a temporary world. sets a truly impactful set of solutions on the importance of living. I feel different every time I see it. I grew to dislike Del’s bluntness, his physical grace and lack of social insight, to Neil’s contempt for others and privileged solipsism. Dell exists in the world and can negotiate inconvenience gracefully. because he has neither the social power nor the financial resources to solve them otherwise. Thanks to money and power, Neal no longer needs to solve problems other than throwing money at them. Dell, in particular, melts Neil’s credit card. Of course, it’s an accident that’s the unfortunate result of a series of unfortunate events, but as an attack on the greedy culture of “my generation,” it’s a metaphor as sharp as business card fetishism. american psychoAfter several days of frustration and rage, Neil came to realize that he got everything he wanted. In fact, it takes someone like Del to remind Neil how short his life is. He is too short to spend in a state of constant agitation.

PLANES, TRAINS AND AUTOMOBILES, Steve Martin, John Candy, 1987, (c) Paramount/Courtesy Everett Collec
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When I was 12, I started working 15-hour full-time summers at my family’s store. I grew up the way most of my generation grew up. The key to success is based on the truth that it is a job with a recognized university title and degree. Owning a home, a savings account, and an office with locks. It’s all a lie. I went through these things and none of them made me happy. Debt and a seemingly constant state of self-loathing. I can’t imagine ending my life wishing I had made a mess.I always cried at the end planes, trains, cars When Neil stops being so silly and invites Del to Thanksgiving with him and his beautiful family. It’s a challenge.

Barry Sonnenfeld Addams Family Values His family are socially unacceptable but devoted and loving misfits, battling cold-hearted and opportunistic materialistic agents. Played by the incomparable Joan Cusack, Debbie is a serial killer, a “black widow” who marries wealthy men and murders them for her inheritance. She sets her sights on Uncle Fester (Christopher Lloyd) and sets Adams apart by preying on Wednesday and Pugsley (Christina Ricci and Jimmy Workman) and her fear of toddler Pubbert (Caitlin and Kristen Hooper), who she electrocutes. I tried to let her die, only to find herself reduced to a pile of ash and the lethal voltage saving her only her expensive pump and credit card. Adams has it all. Money and possessions mean nothing to them. Debbie thinks money will make her happy, but it will only leave her lonely and dead. The centerpiece of the photo takes place at the camp Wednesday and Pugsley were sent to, where they are soon bullied by the trust fund kids who run the place. In a lovely example of how disastrously damaging wealthy liberals can do when they celebrate their progress at the pageant, she stages an uprising that ends in the destruction of an entire joint. I will do my best. This is a wonderful, subversive film about the zero-sum gain of “things” to nurturing relationships with loved ones. This is another important Thanksgiving photo.

Addams Family Values ​​Wednesday

End the night with Jodie Foster’s defiant humanism holiday house, is a jarring comedy about junior museum curator Claudia (Holly Hunter) getting fired just before she gets home and going through a few chaotic days in her weird but no stranger than your family. It’s easy to make a movie like this unkind and shrill. christmas holidays For example, I like, but not because I’m not making fun of the character. holiday house I love Claudia’s parents, Henry (Charles Durning) and Adele (Anne Bancroft). See how long it takes him to watch him spin her into an impromptu little dance in the living room – or later while Adele is getting ready for bed, taking off her dress in her daughter’s room and staring at herself and all in the mirror. When you look at .something deepened and reinforced with age rather than somehow taken away or ruined. Loves Claudia’s brother Tommy (Robert Downey Jr.) who brings home new boyfriend Leo (Dylan McDermott) and admits his homosexuality to his parents (who he loves and who loves me) act uncomfortably to get attention. Aunt Grady (Geraldine Chaplin) kisses Henry one Christmas Eve during her Thanksgiving dinner and feels young, beautiful, wanted and alive, and her memory brings her back to life. I love the stories that have kept me going for decades. Otherwise a disappointing life. It even loves disapproving sister Joanne (Cynthia Stevenson), married to mean Walter (Steve Guttenberg), with adorable little ones who are a bit rude and spoiled. In another movie, she becomes the subject of easy ridicule, and when the movie seems to take the easy road when she has a turkey in her lap and doesn’t act nice about it, she says this is an obvious quiet Given the note, how she handles the responsibility of being one of those kids who don’t deviate too much from the expected average. are exposed. The forced intimacy of holiday reunions is where the cracks start to appear.

it never feels mean holiday house, feels like a very different real person, bound by the environment in which he was born. “Are you okay? You look fine,” Claudia says to her mother. “It’s all relative,” says Adele. There is a lot of warmth and unbiased wisdom in this photo. A portrait of imperfection and sorrow, disappointment and regret. Finally, it’s about where your loved ones store your wishes. guardian of it. It’s a beautiful movie. Foster has an exquisite eye for the little things in her moments of connection that stick with us long after the hurricane has passed. We appreciate. I am grateful to her WD Richter for her wonderful script. This script offers us exactly the same way of asking uncomfortable questions when people are trying to distract themselves from topics that are too emotional to address directly. “You’re not really going to sell the house, are you?” Claudia asks. “Want to hold on? Some wings? What about the money?” “Of course I’ll have a beer.” Then they toast in front of a football game on TV.

This is how I talked with him until the day my father died, all of the unspoken things between us that I tried to address through sports and business discussions. An object that engages in avoidance. And then they leave and hope you crashed.I remember driving people home late at night holiday house, eating and playing the version of yourself you are supposed to be, for a quiet, stealthy conversation in a warm environment rich in good smells and an audience of people who know who you really are. Fatigue that comes from doing. It’s a special kind of fatigue to get rid of lies that can be done for hours and days.if you haven’t seen holiday houseyou should.

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