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The court ordered the company to pay N8.5m entitlements to four former employees. The Guardian Nigeria News – Nigerian and World News

The National Industrial Court ordered a company called Presal Nig. Ltd to his four former employees he will pay her N8.5 million within 30 days.

The sum of N4 million ordered by Judge Zainab Bashir was for claiming unpaid salaries, allowances and other benefits from December 11th. 2015-September Contribution pension from August 2016 2013-September 2016 and tip payment.

The court further awarded N4 million in general damages and N500,000 in litigation costs.

The court further declared that the methods adopted by the defendants in ditching the plaintiffs’ unpaid salaries, allowances, and other benefits were harsh, unlawful, unlawful, and unacceptable.

The court ruled that it was unlawful and unlawful to terminate plaintiff’s employment without notice or to pay her salary in lieu of notice.

The court also declared that the defendant had refused to pay the plaintiff unpaid salaries, allowances, and other benefits from December 2015-September 2016, 50 of the final monthly salary for each year of service. % reward paid and withdrawing without sending the claimant’s money in the name of a contributory pension plan was harsh, unlawful, unlawful, unacceptable and a violation of the claimant. right.

The judge similarly stated that the amount would attract interest at the rate of 10% per annum if the defendant failed to comply with the judgment’s instructions within 30 days.

However, the court did not grant relief to the plaintiff who sought reinstatement.

On the basis of the facts, the complainants Abdullahi Ibrahim, Aibaiduate Ombo, Innocent Tommy and Friday Balikpe allege that the defendants terminated their employment by not complying with the terms of service.

The petitioner added that while salaries were unduly delayed, some remained unpaid and pension contributions were not remitted.

In its defense, the defendants admitted that the plaintiffs had unpaid wages totaling N3.6 million, but denied all other sought relief.

The defendants also tried to get their salaries paid, but admitted that their inability to pay was due to financial difficulties that led to the closure of the company and the dismissal of the plaintiffs.

Defendants also argued that because plaintiffs were paid and accepted salaries in lieu of dismissal, their rights and obligations under employment were deemed extinguished.

Conversely, the plaintiff’s attorney, Mr. I. Orlu-Akwu, proved to the court the contention that his clients entitle them to the sought relief, and granted all relief accordingly. I asked.

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