The collapse of the building where the arson suspect was arrested in connection with the fire and killed Lieutenant Philadelphia.Seann Williamson

Philadelphia (CBS)-The owner of the building was arrested, charged with arson, and died. Philadelphia Fire Department Seann Williamson.. Al-Alshraf Khalil’s arrest occurs less than two weeks after the deadly collapse in North Philadelphia.

Karil has been charged with arson and is lying to federal agents about his whereabouts in the event of a fire. According to court documents, Karil claims he told federal agents that he wasn’t in the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčThird Avenue and Indiana Avenue, despite surveillance videos and other evidence putting him there. increase.

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The murder charges are still ongoing, according to sources.

It was alleged to be Karil, and a second unidentified suspect entered a pizza shop owned by Karil and set the place on fire.

“The arson killed the lieutenant. Philadelphia Fire Director Adam Tyr said at a press conference on Tuesday.

Thiel spoke next to Williamson’s photo. He sent a strong message to the masses.

“If you’re thinking, you can’t run or hide, so think twice. This team will find you,” Thiel said.

Carlyl was discovered after trying to flee to Jordan and was denied entry.

At JFK International Airport in New York, a US marshal was waiting for Karil.

Karil was arrested and placed in handcuffs with Williamson’s initials and his badge number.

The motive for the fire was not revealed.

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On Monday, the city paid tribute to Williamson when he was put to rest.

“Bright video surveillance recovered by investigators showed two suspects minutes before the fire broke out early in the morning of June 18. Video surveillance further showed two people about 20 minutes later. The suspect has shown to leave the place. Immediately afterwards, smoke is seen coming from the direction of the building, and shortly afterwards, a fire is seen in the video, “said the U.S. federal prosecutor. Assistant Nelson Sayer said.

The indictment on Tuesday is only the first step in a long-term investigation, sources said.

Authorities recovered a surveillance video that transferred the investigation to a criminal case late last week, sources said.

Williamson, a 27-year-old military veteran who took a rest on Monday, said Was part of the crew responding to a fire on West Indiana Avenue 300 blocks 10 weather forecasts for northern Philadelphia.

The firefighters were able to control the flames within 15 minutes and successfully evacuate all eight people living in the building. But an hour later, Williamson was one of the six firefighters still inside, confirming that the fire was completely extinguished when the building collapsed.

The crew rescued five people from the rubble, but Williamson did not.

Authorities announced the case hours after the incident ATF and Fire Marshal Office will jointly investigate..

Thiel says the department remembers him as one of their best.

“After seeing hundreds, and perhaps thousands, of people passing through here this morning, it should be clear that he knew how to do his job. He was really one of our best.” Said Thiel.

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Joe Holden, Kerri Corrado and Ross Di Mattei of CBS3 contributed to this report.

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