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The Boys’ Homelander Actor Becomes DC’s Reverse Flash in Fan Art

the boysAnthony Starr becomes the new DC Universe flash Amazing fan art villain Reverse-Flash. Starr brings the show’s villain Homelander to life in a superhero satire series. the boys Since debut. The star’s award-winning performance as Homelander has inspired many fancasts of the actor as a character in Marvel and his DC. One of his most popular roles is that of his DC villain known as Reverse His Flash, and this new fan art of him portrays it brilliantly.

artist 21XFOUR The star shared on Twitter a depiction of what he would look like as Reverse-Flash in the DC Universe.

in the meantime the boys You may never redeem a star’s Homelanderthe actor has shown that he can continue to deliver compelling performances as a character through how many seasons the show runs. The ability to maintain interest when showing sides is something that the new DC management can definitely take advantage of.

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Why Anthony Starr is perfect as DC’s Reverse Flash

Flash and Reverse Flash DC Comics

Star put in a solid performance as Homelander the boys Season after season, his turn as the villain brings greater nuance to the character, making him not only the most powerful being in the series’ universe, but deeply insecure about what others think of him. At the time homelander wants to die the boys For the series to end properly, it could happen in the final episode of the series, but it could always happen earlier in one of the surprising twists the show is known for.

Star could easily do the next few seasons the boys as Homelander before jumping into the new DC Universe. DC is currently undergoing an overhaul led by DC Studios Co-CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran.The duo have their sights set on DC projects for the next eight to ten years, some of which were announced in January’s slate announcement. Old DC movies are canon It’s not yet clear if there will be a version of Reverse-Flash coming in the new DC Universe flash movie or not. If so, star opportunities may simply not exist.

Reverse Flash is the Flash’s greatest enemy, mostly known as Eobard Thawne. Speedster is a master of deception and responsible for murdering Barry Allen’s mother.Star’s performance as Homelander the boys demonstrated his vast acting range. This includes some deeply disturbing and deadly moments perfect for The Flash’s ultimate bad guy. Arrowverse makes Reverse Flash the most important villain again flash An all-encompassing enemy to the show and space experience the boys make him perfect for reverse flash flash movies or elsewhere in the DC Universe.

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sauce: 21XFOUR/twitter

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