The Big Bang Theory Turns 15: The 20 Best Episodes to Stream on HBO Max

Respectfully big bang theory‘s 15th anniversary, TVLine is revisiting network television’s longest-running sitcom this week — starting with the 20 best episodes.

Compiling the following list couldn’t be easier. After all, there were a whopping 279 (!) installments to choose from. This means that the following picks represent less than 8% of all episodes aired.

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Also note that the following episodes are not ranked. The half-hours we’ve picked are listed in order of their original air dates, and they’re all available to stream on HBO Max.

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As you can see, the following list deviates from either type of episode. What you’ll find is an eclectic bunch focused on a variety of fan-favorite pairings like Leonard and Penny, Sheldon and Amy, Penny and Sheldon, weddings, trips to the emergency room, and Nobel Prize winners. There will also be a speech and an unforgettable holiday gift exchange for him.

Keep scrolling to see which episodes were cut. Hit comment and let us know if you agree (or disagree) with our choices.

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