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That ’90s Show Review: A Fun Sequel That Isn’t Just For ’90s Kids

Before I begin, I must state that I have not seen That 70’s Show Mainly because I was five months old at the time when it premiered on Fox in August of 1998. The series was a huge success, reaching 200 episodes and 4 specials over 8 seasons. Streaming and (as of 2020) syndication on Netflix has increased the popularity and viewing of the show. The point is That 70’s Showa series originally created in the late 90s but set in the 70s, actually made its story so timeless that it is still enjoyed by new audiences today. As you can imagine, the pressure of that 90’s showHunting for Easter eggs and references can be a lot of fun in shows of any era, especially in the recently popular once-in-a-decade sets. And there are plenty of ’90s aficionados, even episodes that are clearly the result of large-scale films. Beverly Hills 90210 Watch again. But even without mention of the times and fashion choices, that 90’s show It’s a sitcom that’s really fun to watch.

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Summer just started, Foreman, Kitty (debra jo rap) and red (Kurtwood Smith), son Eric (Topher Grace), daughter-in-law Donna (Laura Prepon), granddaughter Leia (Callie Havelda) in celebration of the 4th of July. Yes, Eric named his daughter. Star Wars personality and even managed to build an academic career in his very particular specialty. Kitty is very excited to have her child back in the house because she misses Eric and the gang (Red doesn’t). After Leia meets her new neighbor Gwen (Ashley Orfuderhyde) and the rest of the kids from Point Place, she decides to spend the summer with her grandparents. Instead of going to space camp. That’s what her father wanted for her. Seriously, Foreman?

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This will reveal a new gang. Gwen is the first and best new friend Leia has made on Point Place and she’s such a cool addition to the story. , the outcast queen, half-devoted Riot Grrrl, and truly loyal friend.Maxwell A.C. Donovan), are best friends with other people 70’s show heritage, Mace Coronel Jackie’s son, as Jay Kelso (Mila Kunis) and Michael (Ashton Kutcher) Point Place Kelso. Nate’s girlfriend Nikki (Sam Morelos) is also a member of the group, usually seen on the arm, but is actually a very independent and determined young woman. road less annoying than her closest 70’s show Equivalent, Jackie. ) Rounding out the kids in the basement is Ozzy (Doi Laing), a mean and intelligent child who is almost openly gay. Kitty and Red are still central to the series, facing their own misfortunes. This time, it’s Gwen and Nate’s mom Sherry (Andrea Anders).

When I first met her, Leia was a very silly child who was sheltered. She’s smart like Donna and dumb like Eric, so at first she’s pretty overwhelmed with having her own friend group. , Leia eventually learns to relax and enjoy life. I have energy

The new series brings back many of the original features and archetypes. Gwen looks a lot like Hyde. Both Nate and Jay are basically Kelso. Nikki is similar to Jackie (as mentioned above), and Ozzy performs much the same function as Fez (Wilmer Valderrama). There are also more smoky underground circles, groovy scene transitions, and we still don’t know where Fez comes from. that 90’s show This is definitely an upgrade, and not just because Fez is much better at this. Certainly better than the original series that was..

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that 90’s show Season 1 is definitely better than Season 1 That 70’s Showwith excellent execution, engaging plotlines, and plenty of jokes that land without a live studio audience — but never realize it’s a continuation of the original story, with a lot of references. I will not forget. cameoWhen Guest appearances from Iconic 70’s show PerformerHowever, even if it stands firmly in the shadow of the original, the new show’s script and narrative are clearly geared towards both new and old and rediscovered audiences. That 70’s Show They spent their early twenties with their own crazy pals and are now looking forward to many more ill-fated adventures with their new children.

Yes, we can’t deny that, Netflix should probably update this. that 90’s show It pays tribute to its predecessor, offering a delightful snapshot of the beloved decade, offering audiences compelling characters with their own stories that are just as interesting and entertaining as their predecessors.

evaluation: B+

all 10 episodes that 90’s show will be released on Netflix on January 19th. That 70’s Show Again, its eight seasons are now available to stream on Peacock.

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