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Thailand nursery school attack: Children killed in their sleep – Times of India

UTHAI SAWAN, Thailand: It was nap time. Uthai Sawan Child Development Center in the northeast Thailand Twenty-four children, ages 2 to 5 years old, were placed at regular intervals on a wooden floor.
All seemed calm until a former police officer armed with a gun and knife burst into the day care center and the staff on duty could not stop him. and killed 22 of them, mostly with knives. This rampage made him one of the worst massacres of children by his one killer in recent history.
Among those who died were twin boys Worapat When Weerapol Nuakao One month left until my 4th birthday.
“They wanted cake, chocolate, strawberries. They were twins, but they didn’t like the same things,” their mother, Pimpa Tana, told Reuters by phone.
“I don’t know what to do next,” she said, her voice trembling.
2 years old kritsana soraA big fan of dinosaurs and soccer, his aunt said he was “very happy” going to nursery school every day to play with his friends and toys.
‘He had to dress nice in his uniform…sometimes he was allowed to wear the Chelsea football jersey which was his favorite ‘Captain’.
The day care facility is a reliable go-to place for families in nearby villages, and usually sees about 90 children each day, said Jidapa Boonsom, a city official who works in a neighboring office.
Parents drop their children off at 8am for a morning filled with learning activities such as reading, coloring and playing. Jidapa said he will take a nap after lunch and after 2:30 p.m.
Exactly one month ago, my class was out on their annual field trip. In photos of the trip posted on social media, the children are wearing red shirts, black shorts and sneakers, with their hair in pigtails and sports caps pulled back.
In one photo, children fold their hands in prayer while listening to a tour guide outside a temple. In another, they sit at the feet of a model dinosaur in a museum and look up in awe. They are seen laughing, pulling faces, and posing with their teachers on the school bus.
It rained heavily on the day of the raid, and there were fewer children left in day care. Only two survived.
Television broadcaster Amain TV reported that one of the survivors, a girl named Honey, was sleeping under a blanket at the end of the room.
The grandfather rushed to the scene and found the teacher holding the girl in his arms and covering his face with a cloth so that his deceased friend could not be seen.
“It’s a miracle,” the unnamed grandfather told the station.
former police officer Panya Kamlap34 turned a gun on himself after killing a total of 37 people in his home, including his wife and children, in a massacre that shocked Southeast Asia.

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