Tesla plans to sell electric cars in the Middle East

Tesla brings electric vehicles to the center of the world of oil production.

Automakers announced on Monday that the first official venture in the Middle East was the United Arab Emirates.

The first cars, the Model S and Model X, will be available this summer.

“Timing seems really good to make an important debut in the region, starting with Dubai.” Tesla ((((TSLA). CEO Elon Musk spoke at the World Government Summit in Dubai.

Tesla owners will have access to two existing supercharged stations in the UAE, and Tersa will open five more supercharged stations by the end of the year.

Despite sitting in huge oil and gas reserves, the UAE has an ambitious plan Will be green.. Last month, it announced that it would invest $ 163 billion to promote the use of alternative energy over the next 30 years.

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This is the latest in a series of expansion announcements from Tesla.Last week, mask He hinted that Tesla might come to India soon.

I also have a mask The teased plan Build “heavy trucks and dense urban traffic” and develop an Uber-like ride-hailing service network.

Speaking in Dubai, entrepreneurs explained the future of robotics.

“You’ll see a breakthrough in autonomy and artificial intelligence,” Musk said. “It’s very rare that a car that isn’t completely autonomous will be built, perhaps within 10 years.”

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But he also warned about the “destructive” nature of self-driving cars.

“The turmoil I’m talking about happens over about 20 years, yet 20 years is a short period for something like 12% to 15% of the workforce to be unemployed.”

Mr Musk said the government must pay close attention to artificial intelligence, create sustainable transport, and be wary of mass unemployment.

“This will be a big social challenge. Ultimately, we need to think about basic income. I don’t think we have a choice,” he said. “There will be less and less work that robots can’t do well.”

–Seth Fiegerman contributed to the report.

CNNMoney (Dubai) February 13, 2017 First Edition: 11:06 AM ET

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