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Taya Valkyrie Officially All Elite, making its debut on ‘AEW Dynamite’ this week after touring nearly every notable promotion in the past few years. But outside of her ring, she’s married to fellow wrestler John Hennigan, and at the time her last name keeps changing depending on where he’s wrestling. I’m kidding. He uses his real name in his MLW, but John Morrison with his Johnny Nitro (WWE), Johnny Caballero with his Johnny Mundo (Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide), Johnny Impact (Impact), etc. also use his name. I am listing.

Talk to WrestleZone Valkyrie herself admitted last week that she was confused by his various names. I don’t know, could it be?” she asked. “Names change constantly and constantly, so you kind of have to look back and really think about it.” That’s all. Husband Johnny.”

To avoid confusion, Valkyrie is adamant about calling her John or Johnny during work rather than her full name of the day. However, there is another name she pitched for him earlier: Johnny Valkyrie.

“I threw it!” she continued. “I said to him, ‘I think you should just be Johnny Valkyrie.’ It makes sense…I’ll keep pushing it.”

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