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Switzerland: Investment in UBS for Immediate Acquisition of Credit Suisse

Switzerland’s largest bank, UBSMoreaccepting pressure from the authorities to end the contest today, credit suissein hopes of averting a market crash and a devastating wave of panic tomorrow on Monday.

Μέλη της έλβετικής γεράμενος γεράμενος At the Ministry of Finance of Bernie met this morning, the newspaper reports 20 minutes.

President of Ελβετικός Συνομοσπονδίας Αλέν Περσέ and a member of Ομοσπονδιακό Ρεριδήσεις Εφθασαν Απο τις 08:30 (Ελληνκιά). His seven members of government already had a meeting last Saturday.

The agreement to buy Credit Suisse from UBS must be signed today during an emergency meeting with the heads of two banking institutions in Greece, the government capital, Blick newspaper reported yesterday.

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A similar approach is if it takes months under normal conditions. UBS was unavailable for several days.

However, European authorities have no choice but to pressure UBS to overcome its reservations due to tremendous pressure from Switzerland’s major economic and financial partners. Blick reports that they have expressed concerns about their own financial markets.

The Bank of England has notified its international partners and Switzerland’s largest bank UBS that it supports a takeover offer by Credit Suisse, as reported by British network Sky News.

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6 billion. δολαρίων σειρα η UBS

Bank UBS Group AG is about to receive government guarantees of around $6 billion. Credit Suisse Group AG said in an interview with Reuters, a source with knowledge of the debate, he declared.

According to the same sources, this amount is subject to change as negotiations are ongoing and several scenarios are still being considered.

The guarantors will cover the costs of winding up Credit Suisse and potentially legal costs, two sources at the agency said.

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Negotiations to resolve the crisis of confidence in Credit Suisse face significant obstacles. One of those sources said he could cut 10,000 jobs if the two banks merged.

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