Swerve Strickland brainstorms ways to get more women’s attention to wrestling.

Swerve Strickland seeks to expand wrestling’s fanbase and create stories that appeal to fans outside the male demographic.during a recent appearance to say the least In a podcast, the leader of Mogul Affiliates shared his thoughts on attracting more female viewers to the bizarre and quirky world of sports entertainment.

According to Strickland, wrestling can tap into all kinds of emotions, but most stories center around resentment and title chasing. He believes these ideas are “surface level” and can focus on other types of emotions and stories as well. “What about betrayal? What about grief? What about that?” There are different levels to it — there’s comedy, there’s all these things you can draw.”

Additionally, Strickland believes that modern wrestling storylines should embrace romance like they did in the old days. Plus, romance can also lead to drama with many twists and turns, so it doesn’t have to be a mushy and feel-good love story. “Women really invest in romance, not just in strong female characters who can beat anyone,” he said. But he’s in a love triangle with her.’ A wrestling story.

This isn’t the first time an AEW star has brought up the idea. Strickland and Kenny Omega discussed romance on AEW TVstated that as long as the storyline is compelling, there is a place for it.

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