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Suspected killer remains silent during Amstelveen assassination trial

During his trial, the 17-year-old Amsterdam to FM remained silent about the hired murder he allegedly committed on December 22 last year. Victim is 56-year-old Itzhak Meili from Almere. He was gunned down at his Wieringerstraat in Amstelveen as he was walking to his parked car after visiting a dentist. Meili received three of his gunshot wounds and died of his injuries in hospital shortly after the attack.

A day after the murder, police arrested 20-year-old Jesus TA from Amsterdam. He was driving around in the rental car that was allegedly used in the murder. In January, police arrested his FM He. When he was only 16, he allegedly took payment for Meiri’s murder and shot him in cold blood. Trials against the two are on Tuesday and Thursday in Amsterdam.

At an early hearing, the court ruled that the two suspects should be tried together. According to the Public Prosecutor’s Office (OM), they worked very closely together in preparing and carrying out the assassination. Minors are generally not tried in public, but the court decided that an exception was necessary in this case. Only M’s personal situation was discussed behind closed doors. His parents followed the lawsuit through a video link in another room.

The boy seemed to pass the hearing without saying a word about the violence. He wrote a rap about the murder and recorded it on his phone, he said, OM. The court played the recording in court on Tuesday. M. raps that the victim has been “delisted” and that he himself is the “Most Wanted Person”, among other things.

Meiri was on the hit list, according to OM. The suspect allegedly tracked him down for some time via a bug taped under his car.

TA confessed during police questioning in July. He reiterated on Tuesday that he was contacted via Snapchat by someone named Bulldog about the murders. I hate to say it. He also consistently refers to “shooter” and never mentions FM by name. In addition to the TA’s confession, the evidence includes surveillance camera footage and DNA trails.

On Thursday, OM will announce its request for sentencing against the teenager.

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