Suburban Boston high school bans ‘political’ items like BLM, pride flags

School officials at a public high school outside Boston have notified faculty that political items such as Black Lives Matter and gay pride flags are prohibited in classrooms.

According to The Boston Globe, Stoughton High School principal Juliette Miller said in an email to faculty and staff last week, “Classrooms should be kept free of potential distractions and distractions.” We are an inclusive environment and we want to maintain that inclusivity.”

Officials at Stoughton High School, about 22 miles from Boston, announced the rules at last Wednesday’s faculty meeting, according to an unnamed employee at the school who told The Boston Globe.

An anonymous employee expressed disappointment with the directive, arguing that displaying the gay pride flag or the BLM flag is not political in nature.

“Pride flags help LGBTQIA+ students feel safe and welcome at school. Removing pride flags can harm students’ health and make them feel like they have nowhere to go. said the faculty member. “Having a rainbow or a BLM flag in our room is not about imposing your beliefs on anyone or showing your political views. ‘Hey, you’re welcome. We support you.’ I am just saying.”

In addition to the Pride and BLM flags, the pro-police thin blue line flag is also prohibited from being displayed, according to the outlet.

An unnamed faculty member said he was told not to use the words “DEI: Diversity, Equity Inclusion” “for political reasons,” according to The Boston Globe.

Superintendent Thomas Raab said in comments to the outlet that there is no official rule barring departments from discussing the DEI initiative.

Stoughton High School’s Juliette Miller wrote in an email that the flag could “cause confusion and confusion.”
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“I just wanted people to be aware of the sensitivity of these topics,” he said.

In a comment to Fox News Digital, Raab said he was “committed to diversity, equity and inclusion” and wanted all students in the district to “know that they are supported and welcomed in their school”. added.

“In recent years, teachers have been asked to remove controversial items from their classrooms. It’s part of it. students and faculty I can focus on my teaching lessons in the classroom,” he wrote in an email Tuesday.

Principal Miller added in an email to faculty members last week after a staff meeting that the school’s directives are intended to create a welcoming environment for all students. He continued that he would purchase LGBTQIA+ ally stickers for all classroom doorways and distribute them as soon as they are distributed.

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Police-backed thin blue line flags are also prohibited in schools.
Stoughton Schools

Raab told Fox News Digital Tuesday that as of Tuesday, stickers of the alliance have been placed on “high school classroom entrances” and the stickers will also be placed on middle school classrooms in the district.

Raab didn’t immediately answer a question asking why the Ally sticker doesn’t fall into the same category of political items as the pride flag.

“I believe that lessons and conversations on complex topics are an important part of the education students receive and can and should be addressed within a structured framework of age-appropriate lessons. ‘ Raab continued in a statement on Tuesday.

Stoughton High School joins a list of schools that have made similar moves across the country, including Wisconsin last month.

In August, Wisconsin’s Kettle Moraine School Board voted in favor of banning gay pride flags, BLM flags, and “We Back the Badge” signs from classrooms because of their political message.

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