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Submit your documents to confirm that you are eligible for the Special Enrollment Period. See how and what kind.

published to August 17, 2017

If you apply for Marketplace coverage through

, you may be required to submit documents to verify your eligibility. After choosing a plan, 30 days Send the document.

Find your life event in the list below to see what types of documents you can submit.

What kind of documents can I submit?

  • if you move: The document must show your name and the date you moved. Examples include bills, mortgage or rental documents, and letters from insurance companies. In most cases, you will need to prove that you had eligible coverage for at least one of his 60 days prior to the move. See full list.
  • If you lose other health insurance: The document must contain your name and date of loss of coverage. Examples include letters from insurance companies or employers, health care program documents, and pay slips. See full list.
  • If you adopt a child or have dependents under foster care or court order: The name and effective date of the person who has become a dependent. Examples include adoption letters and records, foster care documents, and legal guardianship documents. See full list.
  • when i get married: The document must contain the names of the couple and the date of marriage. Examples include marriage certificate, marriage license, and marriage affidavit. See full list.
  • Denied Medicaid or CHIP: The document must contain your name and the date you were denied coverage. Examples include rejection letters from state agencies, letters from marketplaces, and screenshots of eligibility results. See full list.

Ready to submit?

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