Stream or Skip: Paramount+’s ‘Criminal Minds: Evolution’, Where BAU Profilers Have to Deal with a Network of Serial Killers

criminal mind It was known to be bloodier and creepier than the usual CBS proceedings that crowded the network in the 2000s. CSIBut it was a cast that gelled quite well, even when major cast changes were made during its 15-year run, like when Joe Mantegna replaced Mandy Patinkin in Season 3. The show can run two and a half years after it exits the network, and a new season begins Debuted with Paramount+a case that promises to leave most of the show’s final cast intact and make things from the show’s network run feel minor in comparison.

Opening shot: “2005. Yakima County, Washington. A car drives down a dimly lit road.

yeast: The man driving the parking lot parked in a storage container buried in the hill. He puts on night vision goggles and retrieves the bound man from the trunk.The container contains a stack of developed photographs drying on a string and a large amount of sharp instruments. He sat the man down, took a huge knife and started slashing the man to death.

In 2022, in Bethesda, Maryland, a man wearing night vision goggles broke into a house. He leaves his toddler lying in the crib, but ends up slashing his parents to death as well as kidnapping his teenage daughter.

While Tara Lewis (Aisha Tyler) searches a storage container in Yakima County, which contains 16 bodies in varying stages of preservation, Emily Prentiss (Paget Brewster) We hear of murders and kidnappings in Maryland. Agent David Rossi (Joe Mantegna) has been investigating similar murders in Virginia over the past few months and is trying to see if it fits the pattern of other murders. He’s also more preoccupied with her work than usual after the death of her wife, and despite her promotion, her unit disbanded, so it’s up to her to rally her old colleagues at the BAU to the case. It was difficult.

Deputy Director Bailey (Nicholas D’Agost) claims that Lewis’ discovery in Washington is a cartel event, even though he knows both Lewis and Prentice have all the traces of serial killers. thinking about. Luke Alves (Adam Rodriguez) and her JJ Jarreau (AJ Cook) get caught up in a Maryland case, especially since their daughter is still there and hopefully alive.

When Alves realized that the common thread between her daughter and the teenage girl murdered in the Virginia case was a social media site created by former colleague Penelope Garcia (Kirsten Vangsness), Alves turned to her British baking. I interrupted the party to help them. Things get rocky when Rossi claims the killer is in his 40s, given the tools and methods used, but Garcia believes the killer, given his relationship with the teenage victim claims to be a teenager. And how?

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what does that remind you of? Original 15 year run criminal mindwhich ran from 2005 to 2020, only had sequential storylines and even more curses.

Our opinion: fan of criminal mind Thanks to the fact that most of the BAU members are back Criminal Minds: EvolutionThere’s no sign of Matthew Gray Gubler or Daniel Henney, but there’s enough crew to end the show’s run that the series feels more like a glitter continuation with a convoluted storyline than a spin-off. increase. CSI: Vegas.

And that’s good. For one thing, the group has an established chemistry, with scenes of Garcia and Alves reviewing past cases when they ask her for help, or Prentice telling Rossi to help her friend. It is clear in the scene where I said that I need to get it. Complaint. For another reason, the principles don’t really need to be introduced. Just a quick update on where they are now dives headlong into the case.

However, unlike the first run, this case is a multi-episode behemoth. A serial killer (Zach Guilford) takes his time during a pandemic to set up and train a network of serial killers using methods and equipment he has collected in the past. Twenty years. Now that society is open again, that network is being activated. So there are new cases every episode, but they are all tied to this central killer, the gentleman who stuffed all these bodies into Washington’s storage container. Doom.

Of course, despite the storyline and streaming show-level curse, the show is still a CBS procedural, with silly things like the kidnapped girl’s grandmother talking over and over about how she used to be. There is a moment of proceedings… I go crazy protecting my late daughter. Faced by insensitive bosses like Bailey. But the story is definitely a juicy one, criminal mind The cast is too good to do their best job with such a complicated story.

sex and skin: none.

Farewell shot: What we believe to be the mastermind behind this serial killer network lies in a storage container, burying suspects in murders in Maryland and Virginia and similar cases. I hear Quote Roald Dahl about witch time.

Sleeper Star: I can’t help but quote Kirsten Vangsness here. She had the funniest line in the first episode, as she usually did during the original series’ run.

The most pilot-like line: For a moment I thought the man who was driving the murdered family’s car was the killer, then the man saw the bloody crime scene photos and said, “Oh my god, my god!” Rossi said, “These are her parents. Why would they automatically believe him?

Our call: streaming.have Criminal Minds: Evolution Changed the tried-and-true formula that made the original show run for over 320 episodes? Not much. But with the extended storyline and most of the cast back, it feels like a refresher for longtime fans of the show, while at the same time familiar enough to keep them very satisfied.

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