Stream or Skip: Claire Bowen’s Modern take on ‘Christmas in Connecticut’ on Hallmark’s ‘#Xmas’

Hallmark enters the world of Instagram influencers. in short, hubgram Influencer — at #Christmasa riff on the classic “We have to lie about our relationship at Christmas” plot starring Claire Bowen (Nashville) and Brant Daugherty (pretty little liars). Does this holiday romantic comedy deserve all the likes, or should we block it from our TV screens?

#Christmas: Stream or Skip?

yeast: Claire Bowen plays Jen, the lead designer and co-owner of a local home goods and lifestyle store. She runs a small business with her sister Ali (Anna Van Hooft), but Ali (Anna Van Hooft) also takes care of her newborn son Reid. But that doesn’t mean Jenuine Designs has to serve millions of shoppers every day. Even the biggest sales day of the year doesn’t keep the store out of the red.

christmas cast
Photo: Hallmark, Ryan Plummer

Then Ali comes up with an idea. What if Jen entered a social her media contest run by the picture-perfect account @HyggeAtHome (don’t worry, the name is explained). Not only will all finalists be mass-published online, but the winner will get to work with Instagram’s most popular lifestyle brand. hubgrams. And in order to match Jen’s brand of being single, childless, and self-deprecating with what they think Hygge at Home wants, they’re trying to get her husband (played by Jen’s best friend Max, Brant Daugherty) and Ali lets Jen borrow the baby lead. What could go wrong?well it can go right And suddenly, Jen could be a front-runner in a very high-profile contest that could boost sales for her store in the short term, but in the long run it would boost her friendship and reputation with Max. You can mess it up. Wow!

What movie does it remind you of?: Tell me, the joy I felt when I realized #Christmas provided a 21st-century update to the quintessential holiday romcom that predates all Hallmark movie lineages. Christmas in ConnecticutReplace a cookbook author with an interior design influencer, replace a Connecticut farmhouse with an Oregon Airbnb, and voila!

Notable performance: Hallmark movie mainstay Karen Kruper absolutely steals every scene she appears in as Jen and Ali’s attention-grabbing mother Liz Taylor (and believes the name is a great joke setup). She’s a high school theater person and wants to help out on this charade “for as long as I can get involved.” I would like you to participate.

#Xmas mother and husband
Photo: Hallmark, Alister Foster

Memorable dialogue: A very accurate way to explain why Jen isn’t the perfect candidate for this contest: You have to have all the pieces. First, you have to be a runway model. Then my husband, preferably with a bun. Children who can be introduced to royalty without fear and shame. Hygge at Home needs 100,000 followers to convert to a subscriber. The film knows exactly what is being satired, leading to some really great moments of truth.

Holiday traditions: Weirdly unconventional — perhaps because Jen and Ali were mostly alone while their mother ran around to marry every man she fell in love with (she’s the affable husband played by Greg Keane). #4).

Two Turtle Doves: Lifetime’s as far as titles go merry text mass (December 4th) #ChristmasThis is the story of an app developer who accidentally adds a colleague to a family group chat and the whole family tries to set her up with him during a big family get-together in Mexico.

XMas - Cast in Porch
Photo: Hallmark/Alister Foster

Does the title make sense?: It makes sense because social media is a major part of the film, but hashtags don’t clearly play a role in the film.how is it under the influence of Christmas? or Christmas for the Like? christmas influencer Also yule’s scroll Also follow me for christmas Also…

Our opinion: I don’t know what Hallmark did behind the scenes, but they really Should have pissed off Candace Cameron years ago Because all the unspecified changes she loudly hates are the changes that resulted in a near-perfect Hallmark movie slate. It does not mean #Christmas In the past.of “Christmas False Fiancée” The subgenre is prominent, and over the past few years we’ve seen Hallmark’s films make use of social media and apps as plotting devices.Brandt Doughty also starred in an app-driven movie keep in touch In 2018!

What’s different, and this is becoming more apparent with every Hallmark movie I’m reviewing this year.The network puts these movies in an 88+ minute G-rated build before kissing in front of twinkling lights. It’s still part of it, but these movies suddenly career dream, family heritage, troubled marriage — we also got spy movies.

Christmas - at the dance
Photo: Hallmark/Alister Foster

talk about #Christmaswhich descends into a very complicated mother-daughter relationship, with very nuanced issues that are maturingly addressed in the film—somehow!—and yet can be lighthearted entertainment. , always amazed at how much this movie had to say about influencer culture, and the pressure many people at the Hallmark Target demo put on themselves to project the perfect image on social media at all times. The title of the movie is very 2014, but the script is very astute about social media in 2022.

That being said, the movies are great! Claire Bowen is good at playing both Jen’s spotlight-hating self-deprecating and the more charismatic “Jen T.” The role she takes on for the contest. Her dynamic with Max (Daugherty) is very bold from the jump. You immediately buy them as best friends that something might have happened to you before. I can’t praise this ensemble and the ingenuity of these character arcs (especially for a Hallmark movie) enough.

Our call: streaming. #Christmas It’s #hallmarkgoals.

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