‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin on why he came back from retirement at WrestleMania 38

2022 has been a surprise year for professional wrestling, and arguably one of the biggest events was when “Stone Cold” Steve Austin arrived in front of his home state. Night 1 of last year’s WWE WrestleManiaWhat first began as a discussion of a ‘KO show’ elevated to a full-blown match when Kevin Owens challenged ‘Texas Rattlesnake’ No Holds Barred ContestOf course, Austin accepted, marking his first match since 2003 when he lost to The Rock at WrestleMania XIX.

in a recent appearance “Casual Conversation with The Classic”Austin explained why he decided to retire. It was in Dallas, Texas, and I used to play soccer right outside Dallas, so it was kind of sentimental. [to come back]” He said.

Austin admitted he never envisioned himself making a comeback, but “if the stars were properly aligned,” he would take the chance, and apparently they did. After a violent brawl outside, Austin landed his signature Stone Cold Stunner, put Owens away, and ultimately emerged victorious. Reflecting on that moment, Austin praised Owen’s in-ring and mic work and said it was a pleasure to work with him.

With WWE WrestleMania approaching 39 inches, many fans were hoping the WWE Hall of Famer would be back again, but with less than two weeks until the show, Austin recently announced that No word from WWE Regarding possibilities.

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