Steve Young: Kyle Shanahan slams Trey Lance injury as ‘goofball question’

Young: Shanahan blamed for Lance’s injury originally appeared NBC Sports Bay Area

resourcefulness Trey Lance Scheduled to miss the rest of 2022 NFL season after breaking ankleopinion is rife as to whether 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan is to blame for the play call that injured Lance.

Many blame Shanahan for Lance’s injury, but 49ers great Steve Young thinks the blame is unjustified.

“You see, it’s football. It’s dangerous to kick quarterbacks out of the huddle,” Young said Thursday. KNBR680’s”Tolbert & Copthis is. “ “Remember last year when Trey played against the Cardinals. [Shanahan] Kicked him out of the huddle 13 times.

“In other words, we are all [thought]”Really, is that what we do?”

Additionally, Young says Lance has very few carries in the NFL, so perhaps the 49ers may have overestimated his ability as a runner.

“Having him run… was in the cards,” Young continued. Some people, some people don’t.”

Additionally, Young defended Shanahan’s playcall, saying that people who criticize Shanahan are asking “funny questions.”

“We believed he was the guy,” Young explained. Execution? That’s part of the deal, right?”

Young said the 49ers’ coaching staff may need to rethink their strategy of utilizing Lance because of how this one play went.

“What I’m trying to say is that Trey will probably move forward when he gets back on the field. Now that we’re finding this out, it might not be something he’s really comfortable doing. I realized…but that wasn’t part of the deal we made to be with Trey, did that mean we believed he was the guy who could do it?” Young concluded with this:

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Questions about Lance’s ability to run will continue to be raised throughout the rest of the season until the young quarterback can silence his critics.

Having said that, motivated Jimmy Garoppolo Leading the team back at the Center will probably silence those questions temporarily, giving Lance the space to continue his rehab in peace.

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