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Step 1 Step 1 to Stay Covered Through the Marketplace: Check Your Current Coverage

published to November 7, 2014

If you already have health insurance through the health insurance marketplace®, it’s time to review your plans and decide whether to make any changes for 2015. You can choose to keep your current plan (if still offered) or change to another plan.

Insurance companies can change plan premiums, cost shares, covered benefits and services annually. Each fall, your health insurance company will send you a notice outlining these changes. It’s important to review his 2015 health insurance on the plan to make sure it meets your needs.

As you review your plans, keep the following in mind:

  • Look for a letter from your health insurance this month explaining the plan change.
  • Please read the letter and contact your health insurance if you have any questions.
  • Write down important dates and information from the letter, such as your enrollment deadline and your 14-digit plan ID.
  • now 2015 health insurance plans and prices It’s available in preview so you can see other plans available and compare the coverage your current plan offers.

Checking your current health insurance is just the first step.Learn to take the rest 5 steps to keep your cover From November 15th.

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