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Sports minister may wear OneLove armband at next match in Orange

Sports Minister Connie Helder is considering wearing the OneLove armband for the Dutch national team’s third group match in Qatar. “I wholeheartedly endorse the idea behind the OneLove campaign: connection and inclusion. I still don’t know what to wear,” she said through a spokeswoman.

As Minister of Sports, Herder will support Orange in Qatar, but will also represent the Cabinet on human rights and working conditions.

Germany’s Interior Minister Nancy Feser wore the OneLove band during the German team’s first match at the World Cup on Wednesday.

Herder flew to Qatar on Monday night and will be back on Wednesday. She will attend the Oranje match against Qatar on Tuesday.

Before the World Cup, Netherlands and 6 other countries Pledge to wear the OneLove bracelet – for inclusion and equality, and against all forms of racism and discrimination – during matches in tournaments.However, KNVB and other national football associations retreated When FIFA threatened to issue a yellow card to every captain wearing an armband.

“It is unprecedented for FIFA to want to punish us on the field. We will take a critical look at it together with the countries concerned,” the KNVB said earlier this week.

On Wednesday, the association said that it and other countries We have not decided yet Whether they go against FIFA’s plan to sanction the team and its captain for wearing the OneLove armband.

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