Speculation swirls after Deion Sanders’ firing of Arizona State football coach Herm Edwards

It didn’t take long for speculation to surface Arizona State Football Incoming Coach triggered by Herm Edwards Fired.

It didn’t take long for Deion Sanders’ name to become famous. Potential Candidates for ASU Jobs.

Would Sanders be the right coach for the Sun Devils?

Some college football writers rave about what Jackson State coaches can do in Tempe.

Speculation has swirled about the former NFL star and the Sun Devils since Edwards was fired.

Here’s what they have to say about Sanders and Arizona State Football jobs.

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yahoo sports: Deion Sanders is No. 1 College Coach Candidate in the Nation… Starting at Arizona State University

Dan Wetzel writes: 1996). Fired Herm Edwards on Sunday after losing to East Michigan. You Can’t Get Off The Road.Life Redefining Possibilities.Dion Sanders In Arizona?

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soccer scoop: Several Candidates Could Win at Arizona State…Dion Sanders Might Be the Best Choice

John Bryce writes: “ASU could be in Atlanta and countless other compass points. Sanders was an outstanding professional player in both Major League Baseball and the NFL. Arizona State University’s campus is dozens of miles from downtown Phoenix. It’s miles away and there are few entertainment options, which the Valley of the Sun lacks. Do you think Sanders failed to attract interest? Jackson State is enjoying attendance now.At a time when bats to the bleachers are prevalent across college football and many other sports, the program has been A Renaissance like you’ve never seen before.

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Some college football writers love the prospect of Deion Sanders as the next coach for the Arizona State football team.

CBSsports: Deion Sanders would be a bold choice to coach Arizona State football

Dennis Dodd wrote: Arizona State University isn’t his Pac-12’s top program, but he certainly needs a shot of adrenaline. Given that Florida State University likely won’t open, Mr. Sanders would be a bold choice. “

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Andrew Gould wrote: He emphasized the importance of building an HBCU program. But Sanders is interviewing for other major conference jobs, and can turn the right school into a major player if you’re looking for a new job. Wetzel sees ASU as the “sleeping giant” Sanders. He’s the only one eligible to wake up. “

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David Fuchstead wrote: “If the program gets bold, Sanders would be a great choice for the Sun Devils. The delusion about Urban Meyer is comical, but former MLB and NFL veteran.” Players coming to Tempe are very real: last season, Sanders broke an 11-2 record with the Tigers in his second season in the program, and is currently off to a 3-0 start to 2022. This guy can get results on the field.Yes, it’s FCS football, but a win is still a win.And he’s doing it at a high level.”

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Do you think Deion Sanders is the right coach for Arizona State football?

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