Sony throws Battlefield under the bus as it fights Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision

call of duty Cannot be duplicated. call of duty No matter how well equipped it is, it is too entrenched for its rivals to catch up. It has been the best-selling game for nearly every year for the past decade, and by far the best-selling game in the first-person shooter (“FPS”) genre. No other publisher has the resources or expertise to match its success. For example: Electronic Arts is one of the largest third-party developers behind Activision, and has been trying to create a rival for years. call of duty That battlefield series. Despite the similarity between call of duty When battlefield — and despite EA’s track record in developing other successful AAA franchises ( FIFA, mass effect, need for speedWhen Star Wars: Battlefront)of battlefield Franchises can’t keep up. Over 400 million people as of August 2021 call of duty The game was sold battlefield It sold only 88.7 million copies.”

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