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Song about violence used by Rotterdam police in arrests, rules of judges

Two Rotterdam police officers deliberately lied about the violence used in the arrest when preparing an official report. They claimed the suspect used force during his arrest on June 19, 2020, but camera footage showed it was police who used the violence. news hour report.

One of the officers headbutted suspect Atik Samur and was later acquitted of all charges. The police report said Samur called out the officers because they wanted to search Samur proactively.

However, video footage of the incident supports an account of the incident that says Samur did his best to defuse the situation rather than turning his back on the police. A video showing this was submitted by his Samur. A police technical investigator secured the footage after the incident but never added it to the file.

According to the press judge, it’s impossible that the officer had a different experience than the video show. the judge said

Press Judge Jacko Book emphasized the seriousness of the case to Nieuwsur. “It’s serious. A police report is important. Someone could be convicted. You have to be able to blindly believe what’s written there. It’s a very bad thing to write down.”

It will be investigated by Rijksrecherche, the department that handles internal investigations of police and other government agencies.

Samur’s attorney, Najat Idrisi, said it was imperative to know the truth. “I think what happened here is outrageous. What country do we live in?” she told Newzur. She wonders how many other cases this has happened to and whether cops should be allowed to stay with the police. “Is it possible that the camera image disappears from the file?”

The officer had already been convicted of assault for headbutting and had been fined €250. Rotterdam police maintained their earlier statement, saying police “were aware from the outset of the differences with the experience of his colleagues he wrote about. [official report], findings, and images. “We have no reason to believe there is malice or deceit,” a spokesperson told Mr. Nüzur. Rotterdam police are awaiting an investigation into Reichslechers.

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