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“Sometimes I Think About Dying” Review: Daisy Ridley excels at restrained dark comedy. Sundance 2023

sometimes i think about dyingby the director Rachel Lambert, begins with several scenes of mediocre beauty. A deer runs down the cement stairs in my neighborhood. Dozens of apples are gathered in the sewer grate of the street. A huge flock of pigeons flocks to the man’s front yard. For francs (Daisy Ridley), she struggles to appreciate these moments of life’s little beauties like no other. When a beloved colleague retires, she waits in the back of the party, grabs the cake, and runs off to her desk. Fran seems to want to go through each day with as little impact on those around her as possible, and yes, from time to time she thinks about what it means to die throughout her day. .

As one character in the film says, “It’s hard being a person,” Fran makes this statement very clear. , seems nervous that the other person will regret learning more about her. She sees beauty in the simplicity of things, but it’s these little moments of joy, these little moments of beauty in the mundane, that Fran finds hard in her. days.

Based on the 2019 short of the same name from Stephanie Abel Horowitzwhich itself was based on the play murderer so Kevin Arment, sometimes i think about dying As for depression, without explicitly stating it itself, it’s the struggle that depression can cause in just trying to get over it. sometimes i think about dying— written by Armento, Horowitz, and the short film star, Katie Wright-Mead— It also talks about accepting people, letting them accept you, their imperfections and all, and that there is no easy answer to depression.

This is especially true for my new colleague Robert (Dave Merhehe) falls in love with Fran, and the two begin a complicated relationship. Robert probably shares too much, but it’s hard to get Fran to open up about himself in any way. We answer as if not, but she’s still a compelling character to follow. Most of it is the details that we shine through her actions, not what she says.

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Ridley excels in this very low-key, quiet role. Fran says nothing, so her actions literally speak louder than words. The way she sneaks out of her room shows how she wants to avoid interacting with other people. Despite the limitations that Fran has to the world around her, Ridley is here very hilarious, often curt, usually surprising, and often laughing out loud at her in a funny way. Be honest with your observations.

But watching Fran slowly open up to Robert is especially beautiful. These two of him seem like polar opposites, but it’s really nice to see Fran slowly but surely accepting someone else into his own bubble. in some cases, sometimes i think about dying It’s a very subdued romantic comedy, and the actual plot is very difficult to read. But there are also moments bordering on love stories, which are really about people learning to accept that other people might want to be a part of their life. But it’s the smallest step to positive progress.

Lambert does an excellent job handling the tone of this film. This always seems like a bad choice to avoid being frustratingly unlucky, but it never is. She’s uncomfortable with her and she always doesn’t know what she’s doing. She prides herself on being good at what she does, but that seems to be the end of her positive outlook on life. It’s hard not to relate to certainty, nervousness, and the fear of getting too close to someone.

Lambert is able to expand on the 2019 short while maintaining tone, but making this story more closed and engaging. After seeing the short, it seems hard to imagine how this could expand into a feature film, but after 90 minutes with these characters, it’s hard not to want them even more. , gave us at least some insight into its mostly taciturn protagonist through narration. Apparently, this feature was originally there. Selection.

sometimes i think about dying is a dark comedy of restraint and silence, but that silence carries incredible power and emotion.Ridley gives her best performance and Lambert knows exactly how to balance the film’s delicate moods. Dabney Morris It’s pitch perfect, it kind of reminds me of a fairy tale. sometimes i think about dying Whether it’s the modest moments that break the mundane routine of everyday life, or yourself, it shows the beauty of what you might consider unremarkable.

evaluation: A-

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