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‘Snow Falls’ Review: Winter’s Cabin Fever Horror Flick Can’t Get Hot Enough

Colton Tran’s feature directorial debut, Snow Falls fails both as a thriller and as a horror film, with no effective scares or complex characters.

Colton TranThe feature directorial debut of it’s snowing Sneak into Collider’s list The most anticipated horror movies of 2023 Killer premise. The film follows a group of friends who decide to celebrate New Year’s Eve in a shack far from civilization. As the title suggests, they are caught in a snowstorm and forced to fight for their survival. With no phone reception, no electricity, and no means to call for help, the friends must find a way to keep warm while their sanity dwindles. Meanwhile, they wonder if their strange visions are the result of dire conditions, or if there’s something sinister hidden in the snow. it’s snowing It could have gone a different route by embracing the supernatural or exploring human drama in isolation.

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By now the forest hut horror subgenre is exhausted, hut in the woods It brilliantly revealed the limits of metaphor in 2011. It doesn’t take long for us to realize it’s snowing We don’t really care about the characters because the movie reduces the entire personality of the five friends to one trait. Hmmm (Victoria Morales), paranoid about security and safety measures. Andy (James Gaithford), an aspiring Instagram celebrity;Johnny Berchtold), a rich boy whose parents own a cabin. and Eden (Anna Grace Barlow), a medical student who has just lost his mother to an unknown disease.

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Simplifying the characters helps viewers familiarize themselves with the entire cast in minutes. This allows the viewer to quickly understand who the characters are and how they will react to the upcoming horrors. , we need to know what makes these characters wider. How did they meet? What history do they have together? What are the emotional stakes? Especially when it comes to confined spaces, the film must explore the inner worlds of its characters so that the audience can care about them. it’s snowing It never goes beyond the shallow personalities of each character. Even high-story traumas like Sorrows in Eden are hinted at without the relevant plot making her point.

it's snowing

With so little attention given to the characters, you can expect it’s snowing Channel that energy into fear. Surprisingly, that doesn’t happen either. In fact, for most of its execution time, it’s snowing It unfolds as a slow-burn thriller about humans in danger, trading their sanity for extra days and hours of life. Yes, there are some supernatural elements sprinkled throughout the story, just as the movie’s trailer promised. And the film questions whether these elements are inherently evil, or the fruit of a broken heart. it’s snowing Too quick to give an answer and no twist to make the plot even more interesting. The movie goes exactly the way you want it to, and the horror is too mild to be effective.

There are some budget issues that are dragging on it’s snowing under. For example, the digital effects used to represent the warm breath of frozen people are certainly distracting.Still, these issues are easy to forgive if you have a point it’s snowingstory. On its own, the film isn’t scary enough to stand as a pure horror experience, but it also lacks the layered characters that could pull together an exploration of the human mind. it’s snowing I pretended to be doing both things at the same time, but this definitely got in the way of achieving my fear or emotional betting goals, at least. it’s snowing It wastes a compelling premise with a boring script, and has no effective scares to elevate the complex characters and story.

evaluation: D.

it’s snowing will be available digitally and on demand on February 17th.

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