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Small business seeks income from funds

Toο β΄ εξάμηνο του 2022 το 14% των ΜμΕ has σχεποποιημένα περισσότερας πραγήσεις for a corresponding proportion of only 1% year-on-year. [SHUTTERSTOCK]

At a high level, we see their interest micro business for his investment Ανακαμψηςдиапистоней national bank survey14% of the sector report advanced investment plans.

οπωςδιαπίστωσεηηπροσματικήπροστέρεςπόλησησε600マイクロメディウムビジネス、ητηςτηςγιαπερισσπななまない場合、flyfferfferfferfferfferffienffienffienfferfferfferfferfferffery®fellflyfferfferffery® 現在の関心度はこのレベルに結びついているように見えますが、準備の度合いは徐々に高まっています。 Ετσι, το β΄ εξάμηνο του 2022 του 14% το διλένενε το χεμποποιημένα περισσόμενα πραγήσεις, compared to the equivalent of 1% a year ago, the estimated investment is 2.8 billion. against €200 million. Euro a year ago.

Willingness to invest (43% of SMEs vs. 58% of MMEs) and readiness (19% of SMEs show positive interest; very little 6%).

According to ETE’s survey, almost 50% of the sector are willing to participate in some action of the fund.

Investments (mainly from industry)

Analysts at the bank say the current need is to mobilize micro-enterprises as quickly as possible. In this regard, this year marks his first expansion push from the IMF, as 41% of his investors with investment plans declare that he will be completed within 2023. expected to be seen. About 34% expect to complete it in 1-2 years, 13% expect it to be completed in 2-3 years, and the remaining 13% of them he will complete in 3 years or more. Investments that are expected to complete more quickly are primarily in the service sector, and more slowly in the industrial sector. However, analysts at the bank said, “If micro-enterprise liquidity growth is evident, further scrutiny is warranted given the timeline for the fund (one-third of lendable resources are already funded). linked).Proposed investment plan) »

“In view of” the Bank’s relevant announcements, “in order to ensure that the high investment interest from SMEs can be fully translated into practice, we are considering further provision of technical assistance in compiling potentially eligible investments.” Not only the necessity project is emphasized, but also the importance of parallel development of complementary financial instruments (such as ΕΣΠΑ and Αναπτυξιακος), thus the high availability of resources and the perceived The combination with investment momentum constitutes a unique synergy that cannot be overlooked».

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