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Sinterklaas and Pete stop a shoplifter at the Armello DIY shop

Sinterklaas and Pete stopped a shoplifter in Armello on Sunday afternoon. The man tried to escape, but Piet had him locked over his head until the police arrived. RTV East report.

The suspect rang the gate alarm as he left the Praxis hardware store in Woonboulevard with two unpaid bags. He started running, followed by the Praxis staff.

At the same time, Sinterklaas and Pete were in the square with some children. Borne’s bailiffs in their spare time, Sinterklaas and Pete set off immediately after seeing the shoplifters running.

The perpetrator fled to the Better Bed branch and tried to hide. However, Sinterklaas and Pete soon tracked him down. The man tried to flee again, but Piet overpowered him and put him in a headlock until the police arrived.

The man tried to steal two saws worth just under €400, according to the broadcaster. His 34-year-old man from Armello is being held in custody pending further investigation, a police spokesman said.

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