Singapore Airlines wants to be the world’s first fully vaccinated airline

(CNN)- SingaporeDomestic airlines want to be the first airline in the world to vaccinate all crew members with Covid-19.

Singapore Airlines (SIA) has provided free coronavirus vaccines from the Singaporean government to pilots, gate agents, flight attendants, and all crew members doing work that requires contact with the general public. Confirmed with CNN Travel.

In a statement emailed to the entire company on January 18, Go Chun Fung, CEO of the airline, said, “The Singaporean government is aviating in the implementation of national vaccinations. I am grateful for giving priority to the department. ”

“This reflects the importance of this sector and the important role we play in both Singapore’s economic recovery and the fight against the pandemic.”

According to the airline, 5,200 SIA employees have already signed up to take shots. Inoculation starts in a few days.

Phong, along with Singapore’s Minister of Transport Ong Ye Kung, was one of the first vaccinated citizens of a city-state. He received the first of the two shots and reported that “the procedure was painless and hassle-free.”

Once vaccinated, the crew will be subject to less scrutiny and coronavirus-related security measures. For example, flight crews currently being tested on the 7th day after returning to Singapore will be exempt from this test in the future.

Singapore’s response to a pandemic Mostly successful, with border closures and national contract tracking apps. According to data from Johns Hopkins University, there are 59,113 confirmed cases of the virus and only 29 deaths in the country.
Still, the citizens of the city-state are interested in being able to travel again. “Travel bubble” which is very popular in Hong Kong It was postponed indefinitely in December, when the number of virus cases surged in Hong Kong.
annual Henry Passport Index Singapore is the second largest passport power company in the world (only one point behind neighboring Japan). Singaporeans can enter 190 countries or regions around the world without a visa.

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