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Shrinking Review: Jason Segel and Harrison Ford Are Great in Apple TV+’s Serious Drama

Like many people around the world, I have been in therapy. Actually, I’ve been going to the same therapist since I was in the 6th grade of elementary school. If you’ve been seeing a therapist long enough, obviously, you’ll start learning a little bit about their personal lives and how they’re doing outside the office. Despite the fact that we pay others to listen to our anxieties and offer advice, there are moments when we want to hear about them as well. Jason Segel You can see this clearly.

After appearing in the series Judd Apatow Comedy, Siegel rose to fame in a raunchy romantic comedy forget sarah marshallTwo hours of rambunctious hilarity filled with R-rated humor, sex and nudity. It’s also one of the best romantic comedies of the 21st century. Siegel understands how to exploit male vulnerability in ways that many other storytellers have failed to do over the years. Hell, Siegel made what might be his one of the best live-action Disney movies of the last 25 years. MuppetsSo to pair him with the two creative minds behind Ted Russo of Bill Lawrence When Brett Goldstein Making a show about therapy seems like a perfect fit for Siegel’s wheelhouse, something that could remind audiences why they fell in love with him in the first place.

Apple TV+ series contraction It centers around Jimmy Laird (Siegel), a grieving therapist who lost his wife a year before we first met him. His immeasurable grief was for his 17-year-old daughter Alice (Lucita Maxwell), his feisty but intimidating neighbor Liz (Christa Miller), his fellow therapist Gabby (Jessica Williams) and Paul (Harrison Ford), my best friend Brian (Michael Urie), and even his own patients. All of this pushes Jimmy to his breaking point. Instead of just nodding while my patients continued to make unhealthy decisions, I decided to be candid and tell them exactly how I was feeling, even if I didn’t want to hear it. This leads Jimmy to a new client, Sean (Luke Tenney), a 22-year-old veteran who is dealing with severe PTSD and has a disrupted relationship with his family.

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odd number Ted Russowarm blankets for shows with adorable characters, contraction Dare to be a little more uncomfortable. In fact, once the series begins, it turns out to be much more difficult to connect with the central characters, which can be a disadvantage for some shows, but that’s the whole point of the series. contraction is all about Jimmy and his friends and family trying to face their flaws and insecurities and work through the cards life has given them. Hmm Ted Russo But it feels like a human in a completely different way. contraction A series that never laughs at the misfortunes and mistakes of its characters. It’s never a mean show, but it’s sincere. Mental health is not always portrayed in the best possible way across the media landscape.To portray it accurately in a meaningful way, even though it has become much more acceptable in today’s climate. , there are certain areas that are still two steps behind. contractionto its benefit, seems like a big step forward.

Without a doubt, the selling point of the new series is not Siegel, Ted Russo The team — Hollywood legend Ford is on board. He finally broke into the world of television and landed a role here. Taylor Sheridanof 1923Ford’s performance as Paul, an aging therapist afflicted with Parkinson’s disease, is one of his best roles in years. Ford is able to bring the moody energy he’s brought to many of his other roles, but he also brings a lot of vulnerability. This kind of character isn’t new, but there’s something about the role that makes Ford so appealing, and I hope Ford returns if the series continues.

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Siegel combines his comedic and dramatic acting chops in the role of Jimmy. When we first met him on the series, he was high on drugs in the middle of the night, listening to Billy Joel, and he was hanging out with a worker at the pool where he had two sex. Often, this isn’t the best way to introduce a character, but Siegel’s performance and writing for the series give us the opportunity to really care for Jimmy, especially when it comes to Siegel’s chemistry with Luke Tenney’s Sean. As such a rough and closed character. Through their ongoing sessions, we really get attached to Jimmy and understand what made him so successful before his wife was taken away.

contraction It’s strongest when dealing with complex characters, showing how they develop relationships and forge unlikely friendships. The show starts off rough with the first handful of episodes. Ted Russo When forget sarah marshall I had Thankfully, it never gets too reliant on it, and the series does a great job of balancing comedy and drama.

I don’t know if this show will be as popular as other Apple comedy series. Mythic Quest When after party It has, and many viewers will find plenty to relate to, but it may be too close to home for others. contraction It knows exactly what kind of show it is and could be one of the most authentic new comedies of the year.

evaluation: A-

the first two episodes of contraction will debut on Apple TV+ on January 27, with new episodes premiering weekly.

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