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‘Seven Faces of Jane’ Review: Gillian Jacobs Plays Different Versions of the Same Character in Flawed Experiment

seven faces of jane It’s the kind of movie that has to start with a description. Before the film begins, it is said that the film is a blind him collaboration by multiple filmmakers, with each new team being an exquisite corpse structure that continues Jane’s story. Gillian JacobsEach filmmaker had no idea what filmmakers before or after them were doing with this character, except that each story focused on Jane. seven faces of jane It’s an interesting concept, an interesting way to tell a story, and ultimately a flawed idea that shows through example why this isn’t the type of story we’ve seen before.

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seven faces of jane It begins and ends with a segment directed by Jacobs himself. Unfortunately, these are also the shortest segments of the film. The opening “Goodbye” shows Jane dropping the child off at camp and the final segment “Hello” shows Jane picking up the child from camp. Jacobs’ segment doesn’t get much better than this. Marvel’s 616 and last year more than robotsIt would have been fascinating to see where Jacobs thought this character should go before she passed into the hands of every other filmmaker with her own interpretation.

Instead, seven faces of jane Almost immediately follows the path of absurdity, Gia Coppola (Mainstream, Palo Alto) kicks things off with a bizarre doppelganger short. But the best segment here allows us to devote a little more time to Jane’s character. Boma IrmaIn “Tayo”, Jane is reunited with her former romantic lover (Chido Nuwokocha), gorgeous beachside cinematography. Similarly, Ken Jeong‘s “The One Who Got Away” also focuses on the idea of ​​losing love with Michael (Joel McHale).It’s also worth noting that Jillian worked with her again community This segment feels the most natural, but it could have costars.

Jillian Jacobs in a car with Jane's seven faces
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But the structure of the film leaves few moments of emotional resonance, as each timed segment tries to hit the audience instantly. However, given that each director has less time to work, this is a waste of work.For example, in “Guardian” Ryan HeffingtonJane receives tragic news almost immediately and is asked to feel the pain of this emotion through an interpretive dance. Instead, the sequence asks you to immediately feel something without the context or time to think about who this person Jane is dancing to is.

but even if seven faces of jane I didn’t jump straight into the strange process of making this film, and the dramatic shift in tone, style, and quality quickly made it feel like it was from eight different filmmakers. In fact, there’s no real reason why this wasn’t a series of different short films starring Gillian Jacobs instead of trying to make some sort of single story that didn’t make sense. presented, but due to the inconsistency between these segments, most filmmakers decide to turn their attention to other characters instead.

In addition to Nukocha and McHale, in “The Lonesome Road” Zan Cassavetesfocuses more on the hitchhiker picked up by Jane, but “Rose” Julian J. Acosta It also follows a random encounter with a girl preparing for a quinceanera. If we take this as one of her stories, we don’t learn much about Jane herself, except that she changes depending on who she’s talking to at any given moment. It’s a shame that Jane is often immersed in her own story in stories that are structurally supposed to focus on Jane.

Seven Faces Obone Cropped
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If I had to choose one, seven faces of jane It shows Jacobs’ versatility and the need for her to be involved in more projects. Through these works, Jacobs manages to be playful, romantic, heartbroken, twisted, unnerving, and much more. Even if the segment isn’t as strong as it should be, Jacobs’ performance is her one piece of coherence that makes all of this worthwhile. Some of the other performers here often feel stiff or uncomfortable with their stories, but Jacobs can always be a saving grace, whatever the story.

from this idea Roman Coppola (Last writing/directing effort, Get a glimpse inside the head of Charles Swann III is also a highly questionable project) is an interesting idea and shows the flaws and problems of this type of storytelling almost immediately. Except it’s a more interesting concept for doing. Alex Takasu‘The Audition’ feels like it’s on its own, with nothing to do with the rest of the film. seven faces of jane was an interesting experiment, but ultimately failed.

evaluation: Ha

seven faces of jane Available now in select theaters and VOD.

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