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See various health insurance options for college students

published to August 23, 2018

When you’re ready for the next school year, don’t let health insurance be off your back-to-school checklist. Getting health insurance may be easier and more affordable than you think. As a college student, you have several options:

Contact the university about student health plans

  • if your school provides student health insuranceit’s an easy way to get basic insurance.
  • If you have student health insurance, it counts as most cases.

If you’re under 26, stay on your parent’s plan

  • If your parent’s health insurance plan covers dependents (whether they got the plan through their job or through a marketplace), you’re usually added to that plan and you’re 26 years old. You can stay on that plan until
  • Click here for details Staying (or Riding) Your Parent’s Plan.

Get your own Marketplace plan

  • You can find various plans and prices available at on the situation, you may be able to receive savings according to incomeBut if someone claims you as a dependent tax on next year’s tax return, you won’t qualify for additional savings.
  • If you qualify for , you may be eligible for coverage for the remainder of 2018. Find out by answering a few simple questions.
  • If you don’t qualify, you can apply for the 2019 Marketplace Plan starting November 1st.

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